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Excercising with an aerobic stepper has several benefits that can help you in other sports and in daily life. The stepping and jumping movements in an aerobic stepper challenges your cardiovascular system and makes it stronger over time. Regular cardio exercise such as step aerobics can help prevent high blood pressure and heart disease. Stepping up and over the raised platform repeatedly is challenging for the leg muscles, staying balanced while excercising on the aerobic stepper strengthens the core.

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Regular use of aerobic stepper can help improve your balance, agility and coordination. The exercise improves your mood and can fight depression and anxiety. Aerobic steps with nonslip surface has various benefits, it improves stability, excercising regularly on aerobic steps challenges your cardiovascular system and makes it stronger over time, it can help prevent high blood pressure and heart diseases, step aerobics can burn a lot of calories, especially if it's done vigorously, it improves the muscle and bone health.

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SKU 611
Country of Origin China
Manufacturer Vissco Rehabilitation Aids Pvt. Ltd., Umbergaon, Gujarat
features Features
  • Aerobic stepper can be used for an intense full body workout
  • Exercising with an aerobic step can improve your cardiovascular health
  • Step aerobics can help maintain a healthy body weight and can prevent illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer
  • The excercises helps to tone and strengthen the upper body
  • Using aerobic stepper improves balance and coordination
  • Step aerobics is adaptable to all ages and fitness levels
Product Types Finger Splints
Brand Dj Fitness
Color Beige
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