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    Multipurpose Heating Pad - (Black) - SandPuppy
    was ₹1,999.00 Special Price ₹1,599.00
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    Knee Pain Relief Heating Pad - (Black) - SandPuppy
    was ₹1,499.00 Special Price ₹1,399.00
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    Orthopaedic Electric Heating BeltAnkle - Ultima Range - Activeheat
    was ₹1,455.00 Special Price ₹1,149.00
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    Re-freezable Ortho Support X-Large - Activecool
    was ₹610.00 Special Price ₹488.00
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    Re-Freezable Ortho Support Wrist - Activecool
    was ₹440.00 Special Price ₹352.00
  6. 20% off
    Re-Freezable Ortho Support Ankle - Activecool
    was ₹495.00 Special Price ₹396.00
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    Orthopaedic Water Cushion - Activecool
    was ₹861.00 Special Price ₹639.00
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    Fever Belt - Star
    was ₹195.00 Special Price ₹149.00
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    Orthopedic Heating Pad for Joints - Expressions
    was ₹1,299.00 Special Price ₹1,199.00
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    Electric Heating Pad - MCP
    was ₹900.00 Special Price ₹749.00
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    Electric Heating Pad Velvet (Blue) - MCP
    was ₹1,599.00 Special Price ₹779.00
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34 items

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Experience the Comfort and Relief of Hot & Cold Packs

Bid farewell to pain with our effective hot & cold pack for pain relief. Carefully designed to cater to seniors, these versatile packs provide a natural, safe and effective way to manage pain and discomfort, helping you regain your mobility and enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle.

Hot Packs for Back Pain: Your Reliable Solution

With our specifically designed hot packs for back pain, relief is within reach. These packs aim to improve blood circulation, thereby relaxing the muscles and reducing the severity of pain. They offer a practical solution to counteract the discomfort and stiffness that often accompany aging.

Fitbelt - Heating Pad For Back Pain Relief - SandPuppy

Hot and Cold Gel Pack: A Dual Action Treatment

A hot and cold gel pack offers the best of both worlds. The heat therapy relaxes the muscles and improves blood flow, while the cold therapy reduces inflammation and numbs the painful area. This dual action can provide quick and effective relief from a variety of ailments.

Multipurpose Electric Heating Pad + Cold Compression Therapy Strap - SandPuppy

Hot Pack for Pain Relief: Wave Goodbye to Discomfort

Our hot pack for pain relief is a simple, reusable, and effective tool that delivers soothing heat to help reduce pain and stiffness. Ideal for a range of conditions from arthritis to muscle strain, it's an essential for anyone seeking natural pain relief.

Heat Pack for Back Pain: A Warm Embrace

With our heat pack for back pain, you can experience a warm, comforting embrace that helps alleviate discomfort. By stimulating blood flow and relaxing the muscles, it can significantly help manage chronic back pain.

Cold and Hot Therapy: An Ideal Balance

Embrace the benefits of cold and hot therapy with our versatile packs. Whether you're dealing with an acute injury or chronic pain, alternating between heat and cold can help manage pain effectively.

Pain Relief Ice Pack: Cool and Comforting

Our pain relief ice pack offers a refreshing and effective solution to reduce swelling and numb the pain. It's particularly beneficial for acute injuries, providing immediate relief and aiding in faster recovery.

Heating Pad Knee Pain: Targeted Relief

A heating pad for knee pain can help in providing targeted relief. It's a must-have for seniors dealing with arthritis, sprains, or post-surgical pain, helping to reduce discomfort and enhance mobility.

Knee Pain Relief Heating Pad - (Black) - SandPuppy

Cold and Hot Compression: Enhancing the Effectiveness

Combining cold and hot compression with our packs can improve their effectiveness. This approach not only soothes the painful area but also helps to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Ice Pack for Back Pain: A Chill Solution

An ice pack for back pain provides a cool respite from the discomfort. The cold therapy helps reduce inflammation and numbs the pain, making it easier to get through the day.

Coolpad - Cool Pack/Ice Gel Pack for First Aid - SandPuppy

Ice Gel Pack for Pain: Versatile and Effective

Our ice gel pack for pain can be used for various body parts. Flexible even when frozen, these packs can be molded to fit any area that requires pain relief.

Ice Pack for Knee Pain: A Cool Companion

Our ice pack for knee pain is designed to deliver targeted cold therapy, helping to reduce swelling and numb pain in the knee. It's an excellent aid for post-surgery recovery, injuries, or arthritis pain.

Hot Pack Therapy: Comforting Warmth

Hot pack therapy is a proven way to help relax muscles, improve circulation, and soothe discomfort. It's a natural, effective treatment that can significantly improve your quality of life.

Ice Pack for Neck Pain: A Soothing Solution

Say goodbye to neck pain with our specially designed ice pack for neck pain. By providing targeted cold therapy, it helps to reduce inflammation and provide immediate relief from acute neck pain.

Heating Pad for Muscle Strain: The Warmth That Heals

A heating pad for muscle strain can provide much-needed relief from discomfort and speed up the healing process. It’s a great way to naturally soothe strained muscles and improve mobility.

In conclusion, our range of hot & cold packs offers natural, safe, and effective pain relief. Whether you're dealing with an injury, chronic condition, or post-surgery recovery, these versatile packs are your ticket to a more comfortable and pain-free life.

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