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Shower Chair

As we grow older, immobility and weakness can make simple tasks much more challenging, specially while using a bathroom where most accidents take place. Shower chairs for elderly are specially designed to eliminate the worries about injuries and accidents in the bathroom. Shower chairs are stools or chairs that are specially designed to be used in a shower. These lightweight and durable shower chairs allow seniors to take a shower independently, without any assistance.

Types of Shower Chair

There are various shower chairs specially designed to suit the needs of the user. Before buying a shower chair it is important to understand which suits your needs the best.

While grab bars are essential for bathroom safety, grab rails can be positioned anywhere in and around the home to provide support to the elderly.

    • Shower chair with backrest

    Useful for people who feel a shower bench is not secure enough, shower chairs with a backrest come with a handicap seat, two armrests, non-slipcover and a backrest. The frame of the bath chair typically comprises of an aluminium structure which makes it light in weight and corrosion resistant, a padded backrest can provide the user extra comfort. The shower chair is best suited for people who need extra support and assistance in the shower.

    • Shower chair with arms

    To add more convenience while taking a shower, a shower chair with armrests gives the user extra assistance to enter the shower seat from either side or be swivelled over a tub or into the shower and provide a stable support to the user. Shower chair with arms is suitable for a user who needs support while sitting, standing and while washing the body or feet.

    • Wall mounted shower seat

    This shower chair can be mounted to the wall for a more comfortable experience. The user can choose a fixed or foldable shower chair as per the requirement. A foldable wall mounted shower seat helps to free space as it can be folded when not in use. These type of shower chairs may also have drop down supporting legs, arm rests and back rests for added comfort. A wall-fixed shower seat saves space in the bathroom and is therefore easy to store.

Shower Chairs for Elderly India at Seniority

Shower chairs are useful bathroom accessories, especially for seniors who have mobility issues. A bath chair for elderly is an ideal way to create a more relaxed bathing experience as it aids people with weak limbs or limited mobility. It helps to increase safety by minimizing the risk of slipping and falling. A medical bath chair whilst bathing can help the elderly stay independent during their personal hygiene routine.

Seniority’s exclusive range of shower chairs includes a wide variety of products to suit your needs. These chairs are specially designed to provide complete independence and confidence, making the bathroom a more accessible and secure place.

Data last updated on 01/01/2023

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