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Ostrich Mobility Climber Ex-Automated Emergency Stair Climbing Chair

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Climber EX-Automated Emergency Stair Climbing Chair by Ostrich is a useful mobility aid for people with limited mobility, injuries or for senior adults. The stair climbing chair has three interchangeable speeds: high, medium and low.

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Ostrich presents Climber EX-Automated Emergency Stair Climbing Chair, a useful mobility aid for people with limited mobility, injuries or for senior adults. This aid allows them to be independent and makes moving up and down the stairs easier. The chair has a control panel that allows you to change its settings as per your need and comes with three interchangeable speeds for going upstairs and downstairs: high, medium and low. It has armrests that make using it comfortable and the head rest helps maintain the correct posture. It has a seat belt for safety and a cushioned seat for comfort. The chair also has handles at the back for easy manoeuvring. It has a pedal/footrest and front castor wheels.


  • Motor: Brushless DC24V 200W
  • Battery: 29.4V 13.2Ah
  • Charger: 29.4V 3A
  • Min. Overall Length (Chair in folded position): 770 mm (77 cm)
  • Max. Overall Length (Chair when fully expanded): 1250 mm (125 cm)
  • Max. Overall Width: 555 mm (55.5 cm)
  • Min. Overall Height from the ground: 1000 mm (100 cm)
  • Max. Overall Height from the ground: 1660 mm (166 cm)
  • Ground Clearance: 55 mm (5.5 cm)
  • Wheelbase: 420 mm (42 cm)
  • Front Wheel Track: 325 mm (32.5 cm)
  • Rear Wheel Track: 490 mm (49 cm)
  • Caster Wheel Dimensions: 5 inch x 1 inch/12.7 x 2.54 cm (Diameter x Width)
  • Rear Wheel Dimensions: 8 inch x 2 inch/20.32 x 5.08 cm (Diameter x Width)
  • Stroke Length of Attender Handle: 660 mm (66 cm)
  • Stroke Length of Lifting Rod Handle: 350 mm (35 cm)
  • Seat Base Width: 345 mm (34.5 cm)
  • Seat Base Depth: 415 mm (41.5 cm)
  • Seat Base Height from the Ground: 550 mm (55 cm)
  • Backrest Width: 410 mm (41 cm)
  • Backrest Depth: 330 mm (33 cm)
  • Headrest Width: 370 mm (37 cm)
  • Headrest Depth: 195 mm (19.5 cm)
  • Headrest Cushion Width: 260 mm (26 cm)
  • Headrest Cushion Depth: 180 mm (18 cm)
  • Armrest Height from the Ground: 820 mm (82 cm)
  • Footrest Width: 130 mm (13 cm)
  • Footrest Depth: 365 mm (36.5 cm)
  • Footrest Height from the Ground: 365 mm (36.5 cm)
More Information
Return Policy Non Returnable
Country of Origin India
Manufacturer Ostrich Mobility Instruments Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560099
SKU SEN152-Ostrich-ClimberEX
  • 13 cm wide footrest
  • Comes with a control panel
  • Allows people with limited mobility move up and down the stairs
  • Cushioned seat and head rest
  • Handles at the back
  • Has a seat belt for safety
  • Front castor wheels
  • Armrests for comfortable use
Product Weight 30 kg
Dimensions Expanded: 125 x 55.5 x 16 6 cm; Folded: 77 x 55.5 x 100 cm
Material Aluminum Alloy + Carbon Steel
Warranty 1 Year Brand Warranty. Please contact brand for support.
Brand Ostrich
Battery 29.4V 13.2Ah
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