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Your Guide to Choosing the Right Christmas Gift for Seniors

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Christmas Gift for Seniors

Christmas means great vibes, good food, family time and a whole lot of presents to be given and received! We know how difficult it can be to select and shop for gifts (especially for adults) since you would ideally want to present someone special with an equally special something.

While different people like different things, you can never really be sure about what gift will be appreciated well and which one would be lying in a closed cupboard for years to come. The key to choosing the perfect gift for someone you know is gauging their needs. We, at Seniority, believe that utility gifts are the best kinds of presents. Of course, paintings, tabletop pieces of art and wall hangings are pretty, but they hardly serve any purpose.

You would rather gift someone a meaningful something that reflects their personality, choices, and preferences (or helps them deal with their daily lives in a simpler way).  

If you are contemplating what to buy for Christmas, look no further. This winter quit worrying about finding the ‘right’ gift as we draw up a list of unique Christmas gift ideas.

7 fun and useful Christmas gifts for adults

  1. Carvaan Gold

Carvaan Gold

Hands down the most thoughtful and useful gift for people who love music and spend most of their day at home, Saregama’s iconic Carvaan digital music player is the perfect present for seniors. Now available in a royal gold tone, the player comes loaded with over 5,000 neatly-categorized retro Hindi songs, Ameen Sayani’s Geetmala collection and more than 130 dedicated AM/FM stations. This powerhouse, with 5X2W Harman/Kardon speakers and Bluetooth/smartphone app connectivity, has something for everyone – right from Indian film music to ghazals and devotional music. And if the receiver of this gift is a western music aficionado, well, they can plug in their USBs or connect their phones and listen to their choice of music!

  1. Mobile Royale

Mobile Royale

Mobile phones have become a necessity today and it is so important that senior citizens who spend most of their time alone or without anybody’s assistance are equipped with a quality phone that provides them with essential features that are of use to them. Easyfone’s Mobile Royale is one such modern gadget with a large-sized keypad that is tailormade to suit the needs of the elderly. It is loaded with unique features like:

  • Emergency (SOS) button to call for help

  • Medicine reminder

  • Photo contact (so you don’t have to use the keypad to dial your frequent contacts)

  • Hearing aid compatibility

  • Cradle for safe and convenient charging

  1. Under-Blanket Warmer

Under Blanket Warmer

Warmth is perhaps the only thing that eludes you during the harsh season that Christmas brings with it. Imagine getting gifted a cozy and comfortable under-blanket warmer this season! Wouldn’t that be just the ideal present? Time-tested and extremely safe to use, this warmer by Expressions radiates heat from beneath, thus aiding your sleep and delivering excellent heat therapy to relax your stiff and aching muscles. Made to be used on a double bed, the under-blanket warmer, according to us, is the perfect gift for someone who struggles during cold winter nights!

  1. Instant Pain Relief Massager Pillow

Instant Pain relief massager

This portable massage cushion offers an intense Shiatsu massage and can be used to relax the muscles or alleviate any muscle pain in the upper back, lower back, abdomen, neck or legs. The smart design and adjustable strap make it easy for the user to carry and use it anywhere – right from the office chair to the car seat. Its massager nodes (4 nos.) rotate in opposing directions, thus delivering a deep, powerful and therapeutic massage.

  1. Quartz Heater with Humidifier

Quartz Heater with Humidifier

Winters in most parts of India get very dry and rough. The lack of humidity in the air makes it difficult for senior citizens to bear the cold. Clearline’s Quartz Heater-cum-Humidifier is designed with a steam function to maintain humidity in a room and its fan helps the machine to spread warmth quickly. With four different heat settings, this ISI-marked humidifier is a great gift for someone who lives in a city where temperatures drop below tolerable levels and the air is generally dry.

  1. Ankle Electric Heating Belt

Ankle Electric heating belt

Vissco’s Ultima Range Ankle Orthosis Heating Belt has been designed to help senior citizens treat ankle problems like soreness, aches, sprains and strains. With three different heat control options, the user can set the heating levels according to their comfort and convenience. Extremely comfortable to wear and made from breathable material, the ankle belt is again a great gift option, especially for someone who you know suffers from frequent ankle niggles.

  1. Knee Electric Heating Belt

Knee electric heating belt

And for those with weak or damaged knees, here is a product that not only promises to assist in the healing process but also delivers ample heat therapy. The Ultima Range Knee Orthosis Heating Pad is ideally suited to senior citizens (or anyone else) who are plagued by knee injuries or suffer from conditions like arthritis.

We could go on and on about things you could think of gifting your elderly friends this winter, but we will stick to these seven Christmas gift ideas for now. We hope we have given you some unique Christmas gift ideas and wish everyone a jolly good, bright and merry Christmas!

If you are looking for more options, just take a look at the range of products available on our website and you will find several different things to choose from – from books and music to gardening tools and kitchen accessories!

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