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Your Complete Guide to Buying & Using Abdominal Belts

Your Complete Guide to Buying & Using Abdominal Belts

We have all heard about tummy binders and abdominal belts, haven’t we? But do you know what exactly they are and what they do? Through this buying guide, we will try to explain the concept of abdominal support belts, their primary functions, benefits and some of the best products you can shop online for. We will also touch upon some of the most frequently asked questions about these support aids and help you make an informed choice.

An abdominal belt is basically a wrap that is meant to be worn around your abdomen region. Equipped with clips and hooks, they are adjustable and usually come in a universal size that fits all. Abdominal belts, braces and binders are snugs and useful support aids (generally made from stretchable fabric) that help deal with pain in the abdomen region. They are usually used for treating a wide range of conditions, including:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Post-pregnancy recovery
  • Post-surgery recovery (abdominal surgery)
  • Recovery from fractures and stress fractures
  • Back pain

What Are the Benefits of Using an Abdominal Belt?

The benefits of using an abdominal belt for recovery are:

  • It aids quicker and effective post-pregnancy recovery
  • It is great for post-abdominal surgery recovery (post-op care)
  • It prevents sagging of the abdominal muscles
  • It strengthens the abdominal muscles and weakened abdominal walls
  • It reduces pain while laughing
  • It helps avoid discomfort while coughing
  • It provides optimal support for the muscles in the said region
  • It avoids squeezing or cramping up of the muscles
  • It also aids in toning the abdominal muscles

7 Best Abdominal Belts That You Can Buy Online in India

Abdominal braces and belts are offered online by leading brands and companies in India, including the likes of Vissco, Flamingo and Kudize. These brands are known for their high-quality physical support products and aids in the Indian market. Here is our selection of some of the top-rated products in this space:

1. 6 Inches Abdominal Belts - Vissco

Abdominal Belts Vissco

This 6-inch abdominal belt by Vissco, a brand known for its physical support products, is best suited for horizontal incisions of the lower / middle / upper abdominal region. The belt lifts, carries and supports the extended abdomen, thus offering ample support without really squeezing or cramping your muscles. Give your weakened abdominal walls and muscles the much-needed support with Vissco’s trusted abdominal belts!

2. Lumbar Sacral Abdominal Belt - Kudize

Lumbar Sacral Abdominal Belt

Masterfully designed to offer a great deal of flexibility and comfort to the user, this Lumbar Sacral Abdominal Belt by Kudize is apt for post-operative care. The product also doubles up as a back brace and is fantastic for those who have been suffering from osteoporosis, slip disc or broken bones around the abdominal region. The brace is extremely convenient and comfortable to wear for long periods of time and assists in the quick healing of abdominal muscles. It also further reduces the risk of injuries, enables you to maintain a good posture (by stabilizing the back), supports your weak muscles and helps in controlling pain. This lumbar sacral belt is compact and portable; it can be used while travelling, working or relaxing. Its flexible, contoured splints have a dual function – providing comfort to the user and also correcting the posture. While it is extremely effective as an abdominal belt, this product can also help those recovering from back surgery, lower back injury or spinal deformity. The belt size is 25 x 25 x 5 cm.

3. Neoprene 6 Abdominal Belt – Vissco

Neoprene Abdominal Belt

Here’s another product from the treasure trove of Vissco! The Lower Abdominal Belt offers optimal support to your lower abdomen, holding it in its place. The belt covers the entire lower incision area and gives you additional support thanks to the under-strap provided on it. With grey and beige colour options, this abdominal belt is made from antiallergic material that is safe on all types of skin. Its porous and cotton-elastic material allows your skin to breathe easily and also absorbs sweat and perspiration, thus offering a comfortable experience even after long hours of usage. We recommend using this lower abdomen belt under medical supervision, especially if you are recuperating from a surgery or pregnancy.

4. Abdominal Belt 14 cms - Flamingo

Abdominal Belt Flamingo

Easy on the pocket and easy on your skin, this Abdominal Belt from Flamingo is designed to function as a maternity support belt as well as a regular back or abdomen brace. From decreasing swelling in the pelvic area to eliminating backache and supporting your abdominal muscles, this belt also helps in reducing the pressure on the bladder and treating varicosities. The belt is available in a lovely ocean green colour.

5. Lower Abdominal Belt – Vissco

Lower Abdominal Belt

Here’s another gem of a product in the abdominal belts space – the Lower Abdominal Belt by Vissco. This belt, too, is best suited to those individuals who are looking to recover from abdominal surgery or need additional support post pregnancy. Ideally suited for horizontal incisions of the lower/upper/middle abdomen, the belt lifts, carries and supports the abdominal muscles, helping tone and tighten them.


1. Is it Okay to Use an Abdominal Belt at Home?

While it is okay to use an abdominal belt without supervision, we suggest consulting a doctor or physiotherapist about which one is the best fit for you and how long you need to use it. Especially in post-pregnancy cases or times when the user has just undergone serious surgery, it is recommended that any physical or medical aid is used with the consultation of an expert.

2. Is an Abdominal Belt Washable?

Yes, most products are washable. However, it is best to read up the user manual or instructions on the box. There may be some precautions you might need to take when washing your abdominal belts. Follow the washing instructions carefully and avoid washing the belt too often since it might hamper the quality of the fabric.

3. Can Abdominal Belts Reduce Belly Fat?

You might have noticed that the abdominal region is always the first one to get affected in terms of weight gain when you have a change in routine, diet, exercise, lifestyle or in cases where an individual is getting back into the groove after pregnancy or recuperating from a surgery that has kept them inactive for a long period of time. Most companies that manufacture abdomen belts claim that their products enable you to lose tummy fat. Most of the aforementioned abdominal belts work on toning your tummy muscles by compressing them. This compression helps in tightening your abdominal region and strengthening any weak muscles. Compression therapy usually works well in reducing belly fat to a certain extent. However, it must be combined with a proper diet and regular exercise in order to experience results in your favour.

4. How to Use an Abdominal Belt After Delivery?

Carrying a baby for nine months and subsequently delivering it takes a massive toll on your body. There are several changes that a woman’s body undergoes in the process, including the loosening of the belly, pain the joints, lower backache, etc. These can be attributed to the stretching of the abdominal muscles and it might take several weeks or even months for a woman to get back to normalcy. Abdominal belts are immensely effective for getting back into shape after pregnancy. They provide the right amount of compression, stability and support to the abdominal, pelvic, hip and lower back regions. When used regularly, an abdominal belt can help tone the belly muscles after delivery and help reduce unwanted fat and tighten loose muscles.

5. What Precautions Do I Need to Take While Wearing an Abdominal Belt?

While it is safe to use any kind of regular abdominal belt by anybody, there may be some cases where you might need to be extra careful. Here are a few cases where using an abdominal brace may become counterproductive:

  • Excessive pressure on the tummy may result in conditions such as hernia
  • Substandard products may dig into your skin, causing rashes or infections
  • Unclean belts and braces may result in irritation and itchiness
  • Hot and humid climates can make the experience uncomfortable and inconvenient
  • Wearing a very tight belt may restrict the natural growth of your abdominal muscles

If you have any other questions related to the usage or functions of abdominal belts or braces, enter your queries in the comments below and our experts will be happy to answer them for you.

Shed those extra kilos, recover from surgeries and tone your bulging tummy region with an abdominal belt. Order one online today!

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