Women’s Safety: Self-Defense Tips and Why Is It Important

Women’s Safety: Self-Defense Tips and Why Is It Important

“I don’t even call it violence when it’s self-defense; I call it intelligence”

Malcolm X

When don’t we hear stories of women who face sexual violence, threats, abuse, random attacks by strangers and their own loved ones? How many times have we turned away from these, labeling them “normal?” So, don’t you think it is high time women learn how to protect themselves – now more than ever!

This women’s day let’s shut down all those people who consider women as weak by learning the art of self-defense.

Keep scrolling to find out techniques, importance, and a lot more!

Why is Self-Defense Important?

  • 1. Safety: The primary importance of self-defence is for women to be able to protect themselves against anything that’s unacceptable in terms of social conduct.
  • 2. Confidence: There is nothing more empowering than having the confidence to analyse a dangerous situation and take actions to overcome them effectively.
  • 3. Empowerment: It empowers women to lead a healthy and fulfilling life by encouraging them to deal with stressful and dangerous situations independently.
  • 4. Discipline: It teaches discipline which transfers over to all other areas of life. It helps women be calmer, understanding, flexible, gain body and mind control, be more responsive than reactive, more observant, and achieve cognitive awareness.
  • 5. Reduces Dependency: Just because you’re a woman, you shouldn’t be asked to travel with a companion! That’s what learning self-defense does – it makes you independent, helping you protect yourself in every situation.
  • 6. Health and Fitness: Self-Defense programs are also a fun way of exercising and building a healthy body, thereby improving physical and mental health.
  • 7. Reduces Discrimination/Sexism: Crimes against women can be curbed in a significant way when women are empowered to fight back against any discrimination and sexism.

Simple Techniques of Self-Defense

Memorize vulnerable spots to attack – it doesn’t matter how big or strong the attacker is, these vulnerable spots are their weak points –

  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Ears
  • Throat
  • Knee
  • Groin

1. Palm Strike:

If close to the attacker, a palm strike can be the best option for inflicting damage and getting away. Strike the assailant’s nose or chin with the heel of your hand. Aim upward so that you’re striking the bottom of his nose or chin. Breaking the nose in this way will be extremely painful for the attacker and will give you plenty of time to escape.

2. Kick the Groin:

A strike at the groin can end a fight immediately. Stand firm in the direction of the attacker with your dominant leg (the one you’ll use to kick) behind you. Then with all the speed and power, engaging your hip muscles and quads, kick your leg straight out, leaning slightly behind to ensure a balance. If the attacker is closer, you can use your knee to attack the groin.

3. Ear Slap:

Retaining a surprise element is key to successfully tackling the attacker with a ringing ear slap! When confronted, open your palms at the side of your waist and distract the offender with a question like ‘What do you want?’ or ‘What did I do?’. Then in a swift move, cup your hand and slam your palms into the opponent’s ears. A well-placed ear slap is sufficient to knock out or disorient the attacker, giving you time to choose between fight or flight.

4. Wrist Release:

When an attacker grabs your wrist and tries to drag you, don’t resist the grip. Rather, you can break away from the hold in one simple movement: Step aside from the line of attack and trap the attacker’s hand by a rotational switch placing your fingers over his wrist, locking the wrist, and then twisting the opponent’s arm, followed by an elbow spiral. The movement requires no power on your part. You don’t have to be stronger than your attacker.

Safety tips to avoid a confrontation:

1. Stay in well-lit areas. If you park during the daytime, consider what the area will look like when you return at night. Make sure there is ample lighting.

2. It is handy to attach a whistle to your keychain to frighten potential attackers and get help quickly.

3. Make sure your cell phone is charged for emergency calls.

4. See who’s at the door before you open it. Look through a window or a keyhole to make sure it’s safe.

5. Wear your jacket over your purse, so your valuables are less exposed.

Notable Organizations and Movements Started by Women

1. Blank Noise:

Source: Feminism in India

Started by Jasmeen Patheja, Blank Noise helps women fight street violence. It conducts various road events and demonstrations, exhibiting the right to safety for women, and fight against street violence. It also uses social media platforms to encourage women and raise awareness on the issues of women’s safety and women empowerment.

2. Pink Chaddi Movement:

Source: Feminism in India

This movement was started by Ms. Nisha Susan, where women all over the country were asked to send their pink underwear to the head of Ram Sena, a right-wing Hindu party after he attacked women in pubs. This response was aimed at requesting him to adopt respectful ways of treating women.

3. Gulabi Gang:

Source: Feminism in India

The Gulabi Gang- ‘Rose Gang’ started in rural Uttar Pradesh by a group of women headed by Sampath Pal Devi, that held sticks (lathis) in their hand and spoke against domestic abuse and gender violence. It was primarily aimed at removing officers who did not register cases of crimes against women under the influence of money. This gang grew to include community service efforts in food and grain distribution to villagers, teaching self-defense to women as well as empowering women to be economically self-sufficient.

A woman must equip herself with simple self-defense techniques, to catch an attacker off guard and show him the consequences of misbehaviour. Even the basic style of self-defense is better than no defense at all. As Ronald Reagan says, “Self-Defense is not only our right; it is our duty.”

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