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Why Professional Elder Care Services Make Sense

Why Professional Elder Care Services Make Sense

Aging can be seen as a journey where the elderly become lonely, ignored, and sick. Or it can be considered as a natural and obvious phase of life that’s beautiful - a time where the emotional, mental and physical needs of the elderly need to be adequately taken care of. It is not illness that defines who we are; instead, seniors can find purpose and live with vitality, happiness and high-quality care.

However, family members who take the onus of being caregivers fully may run the risk of burnout or health issues for themselves. Often, the family is not fully equipped to take care of the elderly and may end up relying on trial and error techniques, which may affect the health of our loved ones.

Senior adults have emotional needs such as companionship, medical needs such as doctor visits, medicines and health check-ups, and safety needs such as emergency alert devices at home.

Therefore, it becomes very important for the caregiver and the family to create a support structure, and that’s where professional services can be a blessing.

“August 21 is celebrated as Senior Citizens Day. With professional elder care services, let every day be their day.”

Why Choose Emoha as your professional elder care service?

Professional elder care service can be very useful for both, the elderly and the family.

1. With an elder care professional, you can continue to work and earn the much needed money.

2. Emoha home care services also provide help in shopping for groceries, cooking, laundry, exercise and doctor visits. They also help in Activities of Daily Living (ADL) such as daily shower, physical activity, cleaning of the elderly, and grooming.

3. Preventing fatal and non-fatal falls that may lead to severe injury needs specialized expertise. The service offers home assessments and safety audits to make your house safe and aging-friendly. You can install button and sensor alarms, grab-on steel bars and shower chairs in the washroom, anti-slip mats, ramps, and much more.

4. They also provide responders who can also help with emergencies, assistance with mobility devices, medication management kits and meal deliveries so that you have peace of mind when you are away. They also network with doctors to recommend the right equipment such as walkers & rollators, crutches, straight stairlifts, or wheelchairs.

5. Elder care service also offers engagement on a regular basis for seniors. So much of the battle for the body happens in the mind, and an active mind that’s busy with exercise, social interaction, communication, games, and the like, is essential for healthy living. This becomes crucial, especially when family members are not nearby and can visit only occasionally.

“Once you decide to hire a professional elder care service, ensure that the attendant is trained, licensed and has required credentials to handle your needs.”

How to Choose Professional Elder Care Services

To begin with, set up an appointment with the agency and directly interview the elder care professional they match you with. Before the interview, do your homework and come prepared with questions you intend to ask.

Here are some of the things you need to check.

1. Their past experiences, with references. Don’t be afraid to call up those references and take feedback.

2. Give them a practical scenario and see how they will handle it. For example, ask how they will handle the situation if the elder person refuses to get himself cleaned up.

3. Ensure that the caregiver is willing to be by the side, within sight, and hearing range of the elderly at all times.

4. See if the professional has respect, compassion and empathy in general. They need to be patient, understanding and truly work to make your loved one comfortable.

5. Make sure that during the attendant’s past work experience, they have shown up for work on time and on scheduled days.

6. Screen the home health care agency for their fee structure and see if it’s within budget, and read their reviews.

Evaluate and Choose the Best

Caring for older adults is possible on your own, with the right diet, medication, exercise, social life, and a slew of elder care products available online. However, for those times and situations when you cannot be around, don’t leave the elderly in desperate situations. Evaluate and select the best professional elder care services. Help your loved ones have a life of vitality, at home.

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