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Why Cultivate a Hobby?

Why Cultivate a Hobby?

Scientists and researchers have found out that older people can boost their brain power by learning new skills. Those activities that are demanding will keep the mind sharp and focused. This effectively requires for better scrutiny when choosing a hobby to pursue. Passive hobbies such as listening to music or completing crosswords will not have the same effect as learning photography or pottery. When pursuing a hobby, it is imperative to push oneself out of the comfort zone. Confronting with prolonged challenges will keep the systems alive.While old age is busy facing possible ailments, feeling of loneliness, and a general feeling of the curtain falling down, it is also a chance to embrace the golden years, and discover passions anew. Being human is a condition in which ‘doing nothing’ is impossible. We constantly crave nourishment for ourselves, and the need to set the clogs in our brain working is universal. Post-retirement empty hours call for a host of reasons to take up a hobby. Some of these reasons are quite well-known to the senior community, while some others may come as a surprise. Besides the point that engaging in a new hobby is a way to pass time, it also gives a purpose in the older years. Hobbies are fun and keep the person active. But more importantly, it also makes the person happy. The happier you are, the less likely you will succumb to mental illnesses. The abundance of benefits that an active life with interests will attest is irreversible.

Physical Well-being

Exercise or any physical activity for that matter stimulates and releases dopamine and serotonin, responsible for the pleasure-seeking behaviour and maintaining mood balance respectively. In addition, they also keep most avoidable physical illnesses at bay. The good news is that even if you haven’t been a fitness freak in your youth, introducing an exercise regime in your routine will boost muscular-skeletal structure. Games such as golf, tennis, and badminton as well as more comfortable activities such as yoga, swimming are effective in keeping the body strong and taut.

Mental Well-being

Being mentally competent is one of the challenges that every senior member faces. A decline in memory results in keeping the gray matter at work important. Hobbies offer a personal space and a sense of control. Pursuing a hobby opens the door to various imperative cognitive simulations with regards to planning, problem-solving and execution. That feeling of accomplishment at the end of every single task that you set out to do cannot be expressed in words. The final product is a reflection of genuine, authentic efforts and intrinsic motivation.

Emotional Well-being

The ultimate goal of engaging in a hobby is to keep oneself occupied in a productive way. When you keep your mind engaged, it reduces stress, tension, and depression. Older people are more disposed towards anxiety. Fears and worries can become overwhelming and a burden. Those who engage in a hobby are more likely to be independent, happier, energized and more interested in cultivating social relationships. The mind-body relation works both ways. Hobbies that give opportunities for creating something valuable and contributory result in a sense of meaning and purpose. Hobbies are an integral part of our entire lives. While in youth we may turn to them to pass the time or as a means of distraction from the busy routines, they become our lighthouse in old age. Hobbies and interests can relax, motivate and continue to inspire the mind and body in the golden years.    

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