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Who is an Ideal Doctor for Seniors?

Who is an Ideal Doctor for Seniors?

As age advances, we turn to doctors more and more, for relief and respite from physical issues. Just any doctor may not do. 


Anand’s search for a doctor for his 70-year-old mother, who lived in India while he was a resident of the United States, frustrated him. “Some doctors that I approached just ignored her and talked to just me, some others just talked around her, while a few barely gave her a minute to speak and talked down to her, explaining nothing – it scared me and worried me. And then I met the kindest and the smartest possible doctor who even joked with her and gave her his number to call in an emergency. Just what we needed.” 

Group of doctors




Who is an ideal doctor then? While each doctor may be unique, a Mayo Clinic study has shown that there are common traits that most patients look for in their physician. If you are looking for a new physician or require a specialist, then these qualities are what you should be looking for in a medical provider:


Are they knowledgeable and professional? A good doctor is well informed about the area of his specialty. He/she should have a thorough knowledge of the latest breakthroughs in the field and should be open to communicating those to the patients, helping them make informed decisions. 

Do they have a strong educational background? Though not necessarily a guarantee of quality care, it is important to investigate the authenticity of a doctor’s degree, their institute/university ’s reputation; a good place to start while seeking a good doctor.

 Do they project sincerity and empathy? Look for someone who is warm, attentive, and encouraging. Your doctor should willingly offer explanations about your illnesses, procedures, and treatments.

Doctor having a conversation with a patient

Are they patient? This is one of the most important qualities of a good doctor. Some doctors focus on seeing as many patients as possible, which translates into more business. Focus on finding a doctor who is patient and willing to answer questions and provide quality time with their patients.

Are they accessible? In the event of an emergency, your doctor should be available to you. Ideally, all phone calls by patients should be returned promptly. 

What’s their reputation like? A mistake in the medical field can have disastrous results. It is important to know that your doctor is known for being accurate and never overlooks a part of your care, which could lead to an inaccurate diagnosis. 


Finding a great doctor that fits the bill perfectly helps ensure that you and your family get the best care when you need it the most, without worrying too much! Here are a few apps to give you a start in your search for the ideal doctor on PractoMeraDoctor, and Lybrate

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