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Virtual Acupressure Session With Seniority - Simple Tips to Relieve Common Health Issues at Home

Virtual Acupressure Session With Seniority - Simple Tips to Relieve Common Health Issues at Home

It is widely believed that our body contains invisible pressure points that connect specific organs with other parts of the body. Acupressure involves applying pressure to these points in order to ensure proper energy flow throughout the body.

Seniority organized an Online Acupressure Session for Senior Citizens on 1st October, 2020. Acupressure Expert Dr. Ripuraj Kumar Prasad was invited to conduct the live session and talk about the technique, uses and benefits of Acupressure for Senior Citizens.

What is Acupressure?

Our body contains thousands of pressure points that are also known as acupoints. Dr. Prasad says, “Acupressure is a unique massaging technique where pressure is applied on these acupoints in order to solve common health issues like muscle aches and stress.”

These acupoints are located on our eyes, face, fingertips, legs, palms, ears and on other parts of our body as well. These points may sometimes get blocked which might cause various health problems.

So, the acupressure massage technique works quickly to free these blockages and prevents them from causing any further issues.

Different Types of Acupressure

Dr. Prasad explained that the outer part of our ears also contains specific acupoints. Since, these acupoints are located closer to our brain, pressure applied on these points has a faster effect on the body. This type of acupressure is known as auricular acupressure.

Other types of acupressure massage are Reflexology and Sujok Threapy. These acupressure techniques involve applying different amounts of pressure on the hands and feet.

Acupressure Points for Senior Citizens

Although there are thousands of acupoints on our body, some acupoints are more beneficial for senior citizens. Acupressure on these points would provide relief from common issues faced by the elderly.

Dr. Prasad explained, “Acupressure points located on our ears are connected to the brain. Before sleeping, if you massage the acupoints on each ear for 5-10 minutes, you are bound to have a good night’s sleep. Also, these acupoints offer relief from headache or other cervical issues as well.”

Another acupoint that is located in the space between our ears and eyes might offer relief from constant back pain. This is very beneficial for senior citizens as they usually suffer from back problems and cervical pain.

Apart from these acupressure points, Dr. Prasad also spoke about the importance of breathing exercises for senior citizens. He suggested that elders should perform breathing exercises before sleeping and after they wake up as well.

Acupoints on Our Hands

Dr. Prasad spoke at length about the various acupoints located on our hands. He said, “On the back of our hand, there is an acupoint situated between the ring finger and middle finger. Applying pressure on this acupoint will relieve back pain and will offer relief from other spinal issues too.”

He also told the attendees about another acupoint located on our thumb. This acupoint is present on the back of our thumb and can be massaged to experience relief from cervical pain.

Also, Dr. Prasad offered a very important advice on how to get rid of back pain and cervical issues. He explained how pillows or soft mattresses can sometimes increase back pain among seniors. For this, he suggested the use of thin pillows to avoid the risk of such issues.

Acupoints for Knee Pain

Senior citizens often suffer from constant knee issues as well. Although there are various acupoints present on our legs, we usually cannot perform proper acupressure on these points.

For this, Dr. Prasad recommended that individuals who face knee pain should use hot water to work on these acupoints. He said, “You can fill a bucket with hot or warm water up to your knee level. Then, place your legs in this bucket for around 25-30 minutes.”

Also, Dr. Prasad explained,” The main acupoints for our knees are present on our back and also on our ears. Applying pressure on these acupoints regularly can help get rid of constant knee pain.”

How to Perform Acupressure Massage?

Dr. Prasad gave the attendees a live demonstration of an acupressure massage. This demonstration involved applying oil on the hands for the ideal pressure on various acupoints. The participants were able to perform acupressure massage on their fingers, palms and other parts of their hands.

”Women can experience relief from menopause and menstruation related issues by performing acupressure massage on the wrists.”, explained Dr. Prasad.

Acupoints to Improve the Immune System

Although acupressure can offer relief from various body issues, it helps improve the immune system as well. Dr. Prasad spoke about the Ayurvedic acupressure and how it can help build our immune system.

He also suggested various acupressure techniques for cold, cough, throat issues and other breathing problems. These techniques involve using various home remedies with acupressure like Tulsi leaves and black pepper.

Dr. Prasad explained how Acupressure is a useful massaging technique that can be easily performed by senior citizens. It can help solve common issues like migraine, back pain, headache, knee pain and other health problems.

The attendees found this Online Acupressure Session by Seniority to be very helpful and informative.

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