Useful Smart Devices and Technologies for Senior Citizens

Useful Smart Devices and Technologies for Senior Citizens

The digital explosion, over the last 20 years, has brought about thousands of new avenues for businesses and individuals to transform the way they function. Whether you speak about the advent of new technologies for networking and professional expansion or the innovations that have made life easier in general, this wave of ‘smart’ gadgets and applications has only become bigger with time.

From laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart home devices, digital health appliances and the like to a flood of online applications that aid social, personal and professional lives include the likes of social media platforms, GPS, online banking, cars with keyless entry, wireless Bluetooth headphones, workflow automation, and whatnot.

However, it has so happened that the generation before ours was not technologically inclined, and so the evolution of technology failed to take them into consideration to some extent. Today, we are at a crossroads where there is everything that we need around us, and yet, senior citizens are still living a life that is not entirely ‘connected’ – so to speak.

From smart home security devices (especially in India) and health monitoring sensors to smartphones and emergency assistance technology, there is a surprisingly long list of technologies that can make everyday life easy and smooth for the elderly. On that note, here is Seniority’s list of 5 modern-day gadgets that are perfect for your parents or grandparents so they can live a simpler, more connected life.

5 Smart Devices for the Elderly

1.      Panic Button

Imagine being alone at home and needing assistance in case of medical emergencies or potential threats (like robberies)! The health and state of mind of a senior citizen can take a serious hit in such cases. Having an emergency ‘panic’ button handy can go a long way in ensuring they can call for help and feel safe. Juvo’s Panic Alarm sets off a loud, piercing siren (120 decibels) and a flashing LED light every 30 seconds, once the user pulls the ripcord out of the main unit which can be mounted on an adjacent wall.

 2.      Hearing Aid

The Signia Pure312 3Nx Hearing Aid by Siemens is an unobtrusive device that sits comfortably behind the patient’s ear. Launched not more than a year ago, this state-of-the-art hearing aid for the elderly is ideal for any kind of environment and boasts of features like:

-          Own Voice Processing – The device provides you with a natural sound, combining your own voice with the optimal levels of all the other sounds for the most pleasant, natural listening experience.

-          Speech in Noise – It lets you hear clearly using noise suppression technology in raucous environments.

-          Automatic Sound Control – The hearing aid allows you to enjoy the best hearing performance even when you are on the move.

-          iPhone Connectivity – The Signia Nx lets you stream calls, music, and TV from your iPhone directly.

-          Android Connectivity – It uses the StreamLine Mic so you can stream content from your Android device.

-          Remote Control – The hearing aid’s accompanying app enables you to control and personalise the levels according to your preference.

 3.      SOS Phone

Get all the essential features of a phone combined together with customisable SOS settings so the elderly can stay connected 24x7, no matter where they are. Easyfone’s mobile device for senior citizens also allows the user to set medicine reminders, or set prompts to get wellness updates at predefined times on a daily basis.  

 4.      Fitness Monitoring and Emergency Assistance Provider

A cutting-edge fitness tracker, sleep monitor and emergency assistance provider all packed into one utility device, the Safr Safety Fitness Monitoring Band is a new-age wearable device for seniors. With an integrated crash/fall alert system, the device senses fall and crash events automatically and accurately, sending an audible alert to your emergency contacts through an iOS or Android app. It also comes equipped with an emergency button so you can send alerts with a press of the button. The band is water resistant and has a built-in battery that can last up to 7 days.

 5.      Blood Pressure Monitor

Working on the oscillometric principle, this simple-yet-effective home blood pressure monitor that measures your blood pressure and pulse rates to perfection. Its IntelliSense technology makes for controlled inflation with ease.

Of course, these are just a few examples of some great devices that can make senior citizens’ life easier and more convenient. It is important that we equip our elders with easy-to-use technologies that can help them stay close to their loved ones and feel at peace, no matter where they are. 

Take your pick from the long list of smart devices available online at Seniority!

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