Top 12 Holiday Gifts that show you care!

Top 12 Holiday Gifts that show you care!

  Finally, Christmas is here, and the entire world is busy looking for unique and perfect gifting ideas for special people in their lives. Gifts are always special to people regardless of their age, because they do not just bring back a lot of memories and bring people closer but also convey a very personal message that you really care for them. Gifts are a beautiful expression of love and bonding.  Of all the emotions in the world, love and care are the most beautiful ones and what better occasion to spread love than Christmas? So, for those of you looking for a perfect gift for your elders, here are a few handpicked gifting ideas. Wish them all the happiness in the world, this Christmas, with these gifting items:-

For the creators and visualisers, there can be no better gift than the stitch kit. The stitch kit has over 300 do-it-yourself embroidery designs you can make on canvas and cherish forever. Being Christmas, the designs perfectly blend in with the festive spirit and significance. Handcrafted gifts are always special, aren’t they? You can gift them different interesting variants on Mother Mary,  Holy Jesus and more. With each one being unique, the stitch kits are the perfect value additions to the festivities.

If gifting is all about lightening up someone’s lives, this is quite literally the perfect gift of the season. The combo of desk lamp, retro lamp, and a telescopic torch will make things around them clearer and more visible and also give them a new perspective towards life. Now finding the wardrobe keys or reading the expiry dates of food will never be a concern as the lamps can brighten things up and their days.

One of the greatest concerns for elders is remembering to have their pills on time and in order. With the convenient pill organizer combo, now ensure that they never skip their routine. The pill splitter takes care of cutting the tablets into two for easy swallowing. The water bottle plus organizer takes care of storing the pills in order so they can continue their dosage on time every day and also rehydrate themselves at the correct time. This Christmas, gift them good health with this ideal gift.

Dekha Ek Khwaab to yeh… If you sang the lyrics in your mind and not just read them, this gift is tailored for you. With over 5,000 preloaded Hindi songs by evergreen legends, Carvaan is your new best friend. The system doubles up as your speaker with its USB and Bluetooth connectivity and has an LCD display to recollect the songs’ name if you have forgotten them. With over 5 hours of battery, it’s time to gift your people the perfect time machine! Gaata Rahe….

Indeed, a one-of-a-kind gift that is a perfect company to the Carvaan. The music cards are credit-card shaped flash drives which you can use on your music system. With over 200 songs in each card, you can gift them nostalgic tracks sung by the legend Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar and from musicians like SD. Burman and more. If ghazals are what touches their soul, you can gift them the Jagjit Singh collection. You can gift them the collection of evergreen songs of Asha Bhosle. Or, if they prefer retro romantic songs, you can gift the specially curated romance tracks from the golden era. And if they are more into the lyrics, there cannot be a better collection than that of Gulzar. Also, if you want to keep adding new songs to your music box, we also provide you with extra space in it!

For those who taught you how to shave for the first time, gift them the premium shaving kit that is one of the best personal care gifts you can give this season. The kit includes a scrub, an after-shave balm, imitation badger brush and shaving cream as a package to offer a comfortable shaving experience. Gift them and make them look younger for the New Year’s Eve this season.

In this season of celebration, do not let any concern like pain stop your loved ones from having fun. Pain can be a spoilsport, and that is why we recommend the massage cushion to keep any form of pain at bay. Best for legs, back, and neck, this is portable and lightweight. The special people in your life, are just two batteries away from getting rid of all their pains this Christmas.

Perfect for reclining over a rocking chair and going back in time! The musical neck pillow is all about gifting convenience and entertainment at the same time. Works on neck and shoulder to make you feel completely relaxed, the inbuilt speakers allow the special people in your life to connect their music players and doze away to flashback city.

A perfect journey is always hindered by lack of comfort and hygiene. So why not gift the best of both this Christmas? The travel combo features the musical neck pillow and a hygiene kit tailored especially for women and it also includes a Peebuddy, menstrual pain relief patch, disposable bags, wipes and underarm sweat pads to maintain perfect hygiene and cleanliness no matter where they are. If this is not caring, what is?

Cleanliness is inevitable, and a clean environment paves the way for happiness and prosperity. It is up to you to set such an environment for the people in your life by gifting them cleanliness packed in elite boxes – the soap combos from Bombay Shaving Company. Premium bath soaps and soap dispensers are a perfect combination to ensure no germs come in the way of your family’s happiness.

Smart gadgets for smart people! The Stay in Sight combo is designed to make lives better for your elders. The combo contains a book safe that is a locker in the shape of a dictionary. They can lock their valuables in them and keep it on a bookshelf or any other place and be assured it won’t be touched. The Find is one convenient gadget that will eliminate their woes of forgetting their things. It can be attached to any object and can be connected to the smartphones to keep track of where their particular belonging is. If the object moves from its proximity, it signals an alarm immediately. Perfect to be attached to spectacle boxes!

Our beloved elders want to read and keep themselves updated about things happening around the world, but often they are not able to do that for more than a few minutes because of eyes getting strained. However, with the eye vision combo, they can read till they want with the help of a magnifying glass with LED and UV lights for added convenience. The combo also includes a nail cutter for précised cuts. Hygiene and hobby – they are sure to love this combo.

Parting Thoughts Gifting our elders on special occasions make the moments more beautiful and joyful. So, this Christmas spread happiness and joy and make it special for everyone in your family. Do not delay and get your orders for gifts placed so that they reach to your loved ones on the Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas!     

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