Tips for Grandparents Watching Over Their Grandkids

Tips for Grandparents Watching Over Their Grandkids


The bond between grandparents and grandchildren is undeniably among the purest forms of love that exists. Whether an odd weekend or an entire vacation, time with the grandkids is something that all grandparents look forward to.

Although smooth sailing most times, there are occasions when your little ones do fall sick or get injured, making you feel helpless and not ‘ín control.’ But don’t worry or burden yourself with guilt. There are ways in which you can create that blanket of security:


  1. Keep a well-stocked first aid kit ready If you have grandkids visiting you regularly, it is important that you keep a first aid box ready at all times. Antiseptic wipes or gel, gauze, non-adhesive dressing pads, crepe bandages, band-aids, adhesive tape, pain relieving liquid for children, sting or bite creams, thermometer, anti-histamine creams or tablets, cough medicine for children, stomach upset medication, etc., should all form a part of your first aid kit. 

First aid essentials

  1. Rather difficult, but learn to say ‘No’ Grandkids are pretty smart that way because they know exactly how to bulldoze their way through grandparents’ soft hearts. In the bargain, they may land up making some unreasonable demands. For instance, a grandkid with a cough demanding ice-cream - it is difficult to say no at the time, but standing firm on your denial is eventually going to be good for them. Most kids will understand if you sit them down and explain like they were adults, but if a child is adamant, you have to take that tough stance.

Grandfather taking care of child

  1. Learn about elemental diseases and conditions & keep yourself updated about the nearby doctors Reading and learning about basic viral and bacterial infections will go a long way in keeping grandkids disease free. A visit to a doctor to know about children’s common ailments could also help in knowing more about prevention and cure.

Grandfather learning about diseases

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