Thoughtful Gifts To Thank Your Life’s Leading Ladies!

Thoughtful Gifts To Thank Your Life’s Leading Ladies!

As the world celebrates a day of unity, strength, a reflection of women’s struggles in the past decades and of thought-provoking action this International Women’s Day, we would like to be of some aid in helping you extend a token of love and appreciation towards the women in your lives who continue to remain a symbol of devotion, sacrifice and guidance amidst trying times. Whilst she’s busy ignoring herself to make sure you’re able to make it to the workplace on time, packing your essentials while safely putting aside her own personal care regime, working out your schedule for you, giving up on her personal time for hobbies, you would never know how much sacrifice the leading ladies of your life make just to make sure everything works out perfectly for you.

If that doesn’t call for some action on your part, then this International Women’s Day is the perfect opportunity for you to raise the bar in terms of giving the eternal support of your lives the care, attention and not to mention, the pampering they deservedly need. Salute the spirit of the ‘she’ in your lives in not just words, thoughts and action but by gifting her something thoughtful on this day to make her life much easier, healthier and happier with more fun and smiles to come along, each day. Here is a curated line-up of gifts for the women who define strength in your lives - the doting mother, the caring wife, the loving grandmother or the responsible elder sister whom you can shower great love on this special day! Go ahead and explore this gift list we have specially curated for International Women’s Day, which is bound to create a lifetime of memories and make the special women in your lives feel a tad bit extra-special than what they already are!

1. Beauty Massager

Beauty Massager

The beauty massager is a soft brush that gently massages your eyes and cheeks and also serves as a makeup sponge that can clean the surface of your skin. It comes with 5 multi-purpose attachments that help exfoliate, hydrate and provide overall nourishment to the skin. Ideal for that special woman in your life who follows an impeccable beauty regime and still remains your go-to guide for listening to tips on maintaining ageless beauty.

2. Foot Spa – Beurer

Foot Spa

The Foot Spa - Beurer is the perfect relaxation and rejuvenation gear to put to use after a tired day’s work. This spa massager is equipped with a warming, vibrating and bubble massage roller that not only leaves behind a feeling of warmth but also gives you a relaxing jacuzzi like experience. Ideal for women who spend hours running around getting stuff done for everyone at home and whose tired feet deserve some love and attention to unwind.

3. Relax and Tone Massager – Star 

Relax and Tone Massager

The Relax and Tone Massager by Star is a light, handy and portable massage that releases muscle tension and massages the total body at variable speeds. The massager can massage different body parts, such as abs, shoulders, thighs, hips, calves or arms. Ideal for those who enjoy or require routine body massages for better vigor, vitality, relieving pressure and muscle toning.

4. Musical Neck Pillow 

Musical Neck Pillow

The musical neck pillow is stretchable, squeezable with an MP3 connector and built-in speakers which make it the most-loved musical pillow online! The pillow is ergonomically designed, lightweight and portable, making it an ideal companion to carry around with you anytime, anywhere.

Ideal for those who love relaxing with music after a long day’s work to get the perfect instant personal relaxation experience. Also, this serves to be an ideal gift for someone who loves to take on long travel journeys, while imbibing in music all along the way.

5. Saregama Carvaan With Remote 

Saregama Carvaan

The Saregama Carvaan is a portable digital audio player with in-built stereo speakers pre-loaded with 5000 evergreen Hindi songs inside. With the option to tune into FM, it can also function as a home radio. Plus, one can enjoy their own personal music collection by plugging in their USB drive or streaming songs from their phones to Carvaan over Bluetooth.

Ideal for fans of the radio and lovers of retro music and timeless Hindi songs from legends such as Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, R D Burman.

6. Disposable, Portable Female Urination Device For Women - Peebuddy 


This device is India’s first First Portable, Disposable - Female Urination Device for Women - that women can use to stand and urinate in all public and common toilets. A revolutionary product on its own accord, the PeeBuddy eradicates all hygiene concerns for women on the go. Neat, discreet and easy to carry, these funnels come handy to women in all socially awkward conditions. Ideal for women who are frequently travelling for work or leisure (road trips, marathons, treks, events) or those with medical ailments (joint pains, pregnancy). And for those who are sports enthusiasts. Particularly, those who hate dirty toilets and want to avoid them altogether.

7. Hygiene Kit 

Hygiene Kit

The travel hygiene kit contains a host of unique female hygiene products that women can put to use in situations requiring practical solutions. The hygiene kit contains a portable female urination device, a period pain relief patch, disposal bags, intimate wipes, multi use wipes and underarm sweat pads. Ideal for women who are always on the go and like no-fuss solutions for hygiene, care and easy resolution on days that call for hard practical scenarios. This International Women’s Day make the women who make your lives worthwhile feel extra-special with these unique gifting ideas. Don’t forget to place your orders for gifts in time so that they reach these special ladies in time as part of your celebrations on this beautiful day.    

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