Things You Must Carry While Traveling During & After COVID-19

Things You Must Carry While Traveling During & After COVID-19

2020 has been like a big bad dream where everything seems to be falling apart one after the other. Despite facing a wide range of issues, the major factor that has severely affected us is none other than COVID-19.

This coronavirus has quickly turned into an unprecedented pandemic that no one was ready for. While the entire country is under strict lockdown, the only major defense that we seem to have is following basic hygiene practices such as maintaining social distancing and washing our hands with soap and water frequently.

social distancing

Even though we were initially caught off-guard, the situation has now turned into a “new normal” that people have been forced to accept. This has led to drastic changes, not only in the way we think but also in the way that we go about our daily lives. 

From office work to regular grocery shopping, people have slowly adapted to the situation and have become more cautious as well as concerned.


Although we should ideally avoid any kind of unnecessary outdoor trips, there might be times where you just can’t avoid traveling – be it a small visit to the nearby supermarket or even an urgent international flight.

During such a situation, there are certain precautions that you must take in order to ensure your safety and of others around you.

So, here are some essential items that you must carry while traveling during COVID-19.



  • Face Masks


face mask

Stating the most obvious and the most important item. Wearing a face mask during any kind of outdoor travel is a must. It acts as a strong barrier that protects your nose and mouth from viral germs and bacteria.

You can opt for an N-95 face mask, a reusable face mask or you can even make your own cloth mask at home by using any towel, t-shirt, or scarf. Also, make sure to carry extra spare ones as well, just in case you might need it. 



  • Hand Sanitizers


wash your hands

Well, another obvious but necessary essential item is your hand sanitizer. During your travel, there are high chances that you may not find a bathroom to wash your hands with water.

This is where a hand sanitizer becomes your next best option. Since, it might not be practically possible to avoid touching any surface at all, alcohol-based hand-sanitizers will help kill the germs and keep your hands clean as well. 

Speaking of clean hands, you could also opt for…



  • Hand Gloves


protect your hands

Even though they are optional, hand gloves can offer additional protection for your hands. Occasionally, your hands might come in contact with different surfaces. This is where your hand gloves can help protect your hands from germs and other bacteria.

Note: When taking off the gloves, make sure that you remove it from one hand first. Then, with this glove-free hand, reach for the inside part of the other glove and take it off inside-out without touching the outer side.  



  • Disinfectant wipes


disinfectant wipes

These bleach-based cleansers or disinfectant wipes can help clean various surfaces that you might have to touch. For example, while traveling by flight, you can use them to clean the arm-rests, seats, or even the tray-tables. 

Also, you can use these disinfectant sanitizing wipes to clean often-touched parts of your car like the dashboard, steering wheel or seat belts. They can come in handy for cleaning your groceries as well.



  •  Packed Food



Since, you may be traveling to different places, it might not always be possible to check for the quality and safety of outside food. So, you can carry your own home-cooked food or snacks to avoid any kind of contamination issues.

Along with packed food, make sure to carry your own…



  • Bottled Water


social distancing

Yes. Just like you can ensure utmost safety by opting for home-cooked food, you can avoid any kind of unnecessary problems by carrying your own bottled water.

Also, carrying a reusable bottle would be an ideal option, as you can refill it anytime you want. However, you must ensure that you refill your bottle only at hygienic places.



  • Spare clothes and extra towels



In case you need to stay in hotels or other places, it is better to carry an extra pair of clothes. This way you can maintain proper hygiene by regularly changing dirty clothes. Also, you can keep yourself clean by using your personal spare towels.



  • First-aid kit


symptoms of COVID-19

Even though a first-aid kit contains just basic medical equipment, it might prove to be quite useful if you fall sick by any chance. Basic symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, coughing, shortness of breath and sore throat.

So, you can carry a thermometer as well as an oximeter to keep a constant check on your medical condition. This will allow you to ensure proper safety and will also help in avoiding the spread of any kind of infection. 

When it comes to preventing the spread of the virus, you could also play your part in a smart, digital way. Yes, you can do this by downloading the…


  • Aarogya Setu App


Aarogya Setu

This mobile application, developed by the Government of India is designed to protect the citizens during this pandemic. This app uses the method of contact tracing

It records details of people you may have come in contact with and informs you if any of these contacts tests positive for COVID-19. You can download the Aarogya Setu App from the PlayStore (Android), AppStore (iOS) or from this link:




Coronavirus infection

Another effective way to keep a track of your daily health parameters is by using the Safe Seniors App. This is a COVID-19 risk-tracking service designed to help seniors pre-empt the Coronavirus infection by analyzing medical pre-conditions, social exposure history and the daily trend movement of symptoms.

Designed by RPG Life Sciences and Seniority, the risk assessment logic has been shaped and validated by top doctors with expertise in Infectious Diseases, Clinical Pharmacology and Chest Diseases.


So, these were some essential items to carry while traveling during or after this pandemic. 

essential items

Although it is advised to avoid traveling as much as possible, some of us might not have that option. Therefore, you need to take all the necessary precautions against COVID-19

The current situation has been tough to handle for everyone. However, apart from being physically prepared, you need to also take care of your mental health during COVID-19.

Staying safe, maintaining proper hygiene, and being aware of the right measures will help us tackle this pandemic together.

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