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Standing Up and Being Secure

Standing Up and Being Secure

The famous 19th-century American biographer, Katherine Anthony once said, “People seem to think that life began with the achievement of personal independence.” This quote stands true for all stages of life, especially the golden years.

Your life, up till this point has been about doing things for others and caring for their happiness. Be it your parents, siblings, or children - you cared, helped, and nurtured them to the best of your abilities and you probably did not have time to think about yourself. Now, at this stage of your life, you would want love, care, and respect from your loved ones, but relying on them every single time may not be the best idea. The reality, however, is that old age can bring about multiple issues, but, being aware of these can help one nip them in the bud itself. Health is always on top of everyone’s lists, however, often neglected is the issue of Human Rights Violations of seniors. The violation of basic human and fundamental rights provided by our constitution creates an environment of insecurity in seniors. It escalates when others from society, who should stand against these violations, turn a blind eye to the whole scenario. Giving voice to seniors becomes even more important, as most of them are not even aware of their fundamental rights. Agewell Foundation, conducted a survey and interviewed over 50,000 seniors in India, and prepared a report regarding the day-to-day problems faced by seniors. Over 65% of seniors reported that their rights have been violated, at least once. According to the report, Human Rights for Older People in India: A Reality Check, the most common difficulties faced by Seniors are:-

  • Physical & Mental Health
  • Social Care
  • Transport
  • Income
  • Utilities & Consumer Protection
  • Access to information
  • Safety & Security

This Human Rights Day (10th December), we at Seniority are trying to chalk out some possible solutions for these difficulties. We have already been working in this direction and you can find relevant articles here :

In this particular article, we are going to discuss some of the safety and security tips for seniors.

Safety and Security Tips for seniors

  • Make sure that your home is well equipped to suffice your special needs, if any. Be it extra lights, added support for staircases, safety locks, proper ventilation, alarms or anti-skid flooring, have them installed immediately.
  • Take special care if you drive a vehicle. Regular maintenance and basic knowledge about its functioning are crucial if you own one. You should opt for a cab service such as Uber/Ola, to avoid night driving. Also, avoid driving in bad weather conditions like rain, smog etc.
  • Living alone also calls for financial security. Keep valuables and cash in the bank and avoid discussing financial matters over calls, meet them in person. You can try our book safe, perfect for storing valuables securely at home.
  • Ensure that you carry all necessary things if you step out of your home. Your car/home keys, cash, and cards, medicines should be kept within hands reach. In case you misplace things often, Find is the perfect solution for you. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with a smartphone app at a range of up to 160 feet. With this, you’ll never have to worry about your keys, mobile phones and all the other important stuff.
  • Make sure that you always have someone whom you can reach out to in case of urgency. Even if you live alone, keep their emergency numbers with you. Also, carry your local doctor/hospitals contact number. Having helpline numbers with you is a must!

Helpline numbers for senior citizens

  • 1090 for elders in distress: This helpline can be used for all kinds of emergencies, trauma, medical help or immediate assistance. The police department backs the helpline for immediate aid.
  • Dignity foundation helpline list in various cities: Just wish to talk to someone, share your problems or simply tell them about your day? This helpline has volunteers in various cities who will not only listen by also help the elderly in case of psychological and social issues.

Other than the suggestions above, you can keep yourself engaged and also do your bit for the seniors community by being a part of an NGO or government approved organizations for the elderly.

Care for the Elderly

Here are some reputed NGOs and organizations that especially cater to the needs of the elderly:

Maya Care

Maya care works to empower senior citizens from the comfort of their homes. It was established with a mission to help senior citizens become more independent. Their volunteers help seniors in traveling, and also accompany them to social gatherings.

Agewell Foundation

This not-for-profit NGO has a team of professionals & trained counselors to help senior citizens and contribute to society. The foundation was established specially to help others develop a sense of responsibility towards the aged.

Help Age India

HelpAge India works towards providing Universal Pension and quality healthcare to seniors. They also raise the issues of Elder Abuse at national, state and societal level. The organization goes a step ahead with its programs for senior citizens to help one feel secure, motivated and live a happy life. ·

Dignity Foundation

This foundation works with an aim to help seniors feel secure and live their life with dignity. They offer opportunities for productive aging and social support services. A unique feature of the foundation is that they provide easy access to the much-needed information and multiple opportunities where seniors can contribute to society in the best way possible.

Parting Thoughts

While determining how successful we are as a society, we must look into how safe and secure our elders are. Respect, love, and care is all they need, but safety for seniors is the most essential aspect we should look into. At Seniority, we are doing our bit to help seniors live an independent life and we certainly hope that this article provided much needed clarity to caregivers and seniors. - Team Seniority   

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