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Stair Lift for Elderly: Perfect Solution to Your Stairs Problem

Stair Lift for Elderly: Perfect Solution to Your Stairs Problem

Old age comes with a number of problems and challenges- mobility, poor depth perception, and using the stairs, are all part and parcel. Multi-story homes are attractive and spacious but can be a challenge for the elderly or disabled and end up confining them to a single floor. A simple solution to tackling the threat and problem caused my stairs is installing a Super Glide stair lift for the elderly. Read on to find out what is stair lift.


What is a Stair Lift used for?

A stair-lift is an amazing solution for the elderly and disabled. A motorized rail attached to the staircase moves the chair up and down. The person has to sit on the chair, fasten the seatbelt, and the button will help them move up or down. Call and send buttons are also a part of the system, for when more than one person is using the lift.


Features and Uses

Different stairlifts come with various features. The one you opt to buy should be best suited to your needs. However, these are the standard features that are mostly present in all stair lifts.

● Adjustable Seat Height- This assists in adjusting the height of the seat according to requirement. The seat’s height can be pre-adjusted, helps elderly and disabled for sliding transfers from a wheelchair, or while sitting or getting off it.

● Call Stations- This button is usually located at the top and bottom of the stair lifts rail, away from the chair. It is highly useful in calling the chair up or down when more than one person is using the chair.

● Key Switch- An important feature of the stair lift is the key switch. Once the key is taken off, the lift becomes completely immobilized, so the kids cannot misuse it.

● One Step Folding- Having this feature prevents the trouble of manually folding the chair when not in use. This button automatically opens or folds the chair, when pressed.

● Seatbelts- How to use lift stairs safely is one of the primary concern. Therefore, all the stairlifts come with a seatbelt, eliminating the fear of falling off the chair.


Things to consider before making the investment-

Now that you have a fair idea as to what a stair lift is and how it can make seniors’ life easier, you might be considering buying one. However, it is essential to understand what kind of stair lift you require, and if you need one at all. Consider these important points before getting a stair lift installed at your residence.


User’s Mobility Status- First thing first, buying a stair lift depends on the condition of the user- whether the user is disabled or an elderly, and what is their mobility status. It will be wiser to invest in a product that has special features like a swivel seat or seat adjustments for the disabled.


Curved or Straight- Next thing to consider is the design of your staircase. For straight staircases, a standard straight stair lift is enough, and this type can be easily installed. For curved stairs, the rails are custom built depending on the requirement. These might be a little costlier and time taking.


Budget- The next thing you should consider is how much you are willing to spend and how much stairlift for elderly costs in India. If budget is no constraint, you can go for a straight or curved model, with maximum features. If you have a set budget, you can consider buying a refurbished set, or consider options for renting one. In any case, this set-up is still going to be more affordable than moving to a new house.


Size and Weight Capacity- The next important thing to consider is the size of the seat and how much weight it can carry. Elderly or disabled with restrained mobility might put on a lot of weight, due to obvious reasons. Therefore, consider this point before making a purchase.


Installation and Servicing- Installing a stair lift is not an easy task. It has to be done right, by trained professionals; otherwise, the consequences can be dangerous. Also, these technologies are bound to break down at some point. Hence, also make sure that the company you choose to buy it from, offer timely installation and servicing.

Installing a stair lift for seniors or disabled can help them in a number of ways. It aids to mobility, thus saving them from the dangers of falling or tripping on the stairs. However, before you go and spend your money, consider all the options and research thoroughly. This is going to be a onetime investment, and you do not want to regret your decision of investing in the wrong set.

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