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Seniority Health Week: Diabetologist

Seniority Health Week: Diabetologist

As you know World Health Day is around the corner on the 7th of April, and we at Seniority are celebrating this week as ‘Seniority Health Week’. Each day we will have a specialist-doctor who will chat live with our Seniority community members on various health issues and topics and resolve all the queries. Today, we were honoured to have a Diabetologist. Below are the queries asked by our various members, along with the responses.

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Here are some queries along with the solution:

 1. Tips to control Diabetes and weight loss.

Ans: Follow a strict diabetic diet that includes sprouts, curd, whole egg, a handful of nuts and chicken along with regular exercise every day.

2. I am diagnosed to be diabetic recently, please suggest what fruits I can eat and how I can regulate my diabetic condition with precautions?

Ans: You can have fruits with low glycemic index, and it is advisable to avoid banana, mango, sapota (chiku) and grapes. Also, consult a physician.

3. Is there any permanent solution for diabetes?

Ans: The only way is to maintain your diet plan along with physical exercise.  

4. I feel sponge type filling at the bottom of my foot resulting in imbalance while walking, what is reason and remedy.

Ans: You need to consult a doctor because clinical examination is a must in order to examine the body of the patient and also to understand possible symptoms and remedies.

5. What is the right amount of diet for a 52 year old male who is diabetic for more than a decade now?

Ans: Take more fruits for breakfast (apple, guava, pomegranate, strawberries, pineapple, grapes, melons, and mango). Sprouts and vegetable stuffed parathas for lunch will do. Have a light dinner (salad and fruit) for easy digestion.

6. What is the regular time period to monitor readings of sugar?

Ans: The regular period for checking your blood sugar is when you first wake up (fasting), before a meal, 2 hours after a meal, and at bedtime. Consult a diabetologist to know about what times are best for you to monitor readings of sugar depending on the type of diabetes.

7. My hands and feet are swollen. Are these symptoms of diabetes.

Ans: These are one of the symptoms of diabetes. Please consult a doctor immediately to be sure and get yourself tested.

8. What are the risks of consuming artificial sweeteners?

Ans: If you receive a sugar rush you can take Stevia leaves. It is available at Seniority.in. It acts as a natural sugar substitute without any chemicals involved.

9. I’m a diabetic patient and often feel hungry. Please help.

Ans: Try to eat healthy and sugar-free meal. Eat in uniform intervals.

10. What are long term effects of pre-diabetes?

Ans: It can turn into diabetes. Consult a doctor.

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