Self Loving - 101

Self Loving - 101

Aham Brahasmi - one of the four Mahakavyas described in Brihadaranyaka Upanishad - talks about the importance of ‘self.’ It translates to ‘I am the Infinite Reality.’ The ancient scripture, which makes ‘I’ stand parallel to the ultimate source of energy to the universe is not a proud attempt to glorify oneself, but it is a way to mark the importance of self-realization. Yoga and other ancient practices also put a great emphasis on self-awareness and knowing your inner self. Because when you start understanding and loving yourself, you are able to love others as well. That is why loving oneself is a very important part of happiness and wellbeing. And this is especially true in the case of seniors, who have entered the golden years of their lives, where the ‘responsibilities’ phase is over, and it’s time to sit back and relax. Age comes with its own set of highlights; mainly, physical. The body cannot do the things it could before, and health needs extra attention. Elders can become more vulnerable due to advancing age, and may not be able to do the things they could take a few years before. Independent seniors may find it more difficult to adjust to the new way of life - having to rely more on loved ones and caregivers than before. Self-esteem issues crop up at such times. This is the reason why self-love and self-care are crucial. Not just for the wellbeing and happiness, but for boosting self-esteem as well. Here are some reasons why seniors should diligently practice self-love and care.

Why You Should Love Yourself?

1. To begin with, it makes you happy. Be compassionate about your own feelings and believe that you deserve to be loved the way you need. And being happy is an essential part of overall well-being. When you are happy, you are at peace and content with your own self.

2. Secondly, it’s a stress buster. We understand that things change with aging. Embrace yourself. Give yourself a pep talk; have a warm, compassionate self-chat. It helps to reduce the stress or deal with it in a better way.

3. It helps enhance mental wellbeing, which stems from positivity. It is scientifically proven that self-compassion and respect constitute the path to optimism and a healthy mental state. This is very important for seniors because of the higher dependence on willpower and mental strength to adapt to lifestyle changes.

4. It boosts health. It’s a known fact that a healthy mind makes a healthy body. Taking all the aforementioned points into consideration, it’s a given that self-love leads to better health.

5. Self-confidence can be affected by age. Since the body cannot handle daily activities as well as before, faith in one’s abilities can become shaky. However, self-love and acceptance can help bring some of it back.

How to Love Yourself?

Let’s get to the part of putting self-love into practice. It is often easier said than done because knowing where to start can be a conundrum. But don’t worry about that. Read about these effects and tried methods for beginning your journey towards loving yourself.

1. Buy something nice for yourself. You can order it online with someone’s help, or look for a nice looking store and pick something that catches your eye.

2. Watch your favorite movie or TV show. It’s all available online now. If you aren’t adept with a laptop, enlist someone’s help. Find your old time favorites and make a day of it!

3. Write down the activities that you’ve always wanted to do. There might be places near you which cater to these activities. But don’t forget to ask your doctor first!

4. Keep a gratitude journal. At the end of each day, write down the things you were grateful for through the day.

5. Make a list of everything you like about yourself. It can be anything from your famous chocolate chip pancakes to how you can make jokes that leave the people around you in stitches.

6. Meditation is known to help. Try it!

7. Chuck the guilt out of your life. Practicing how to feel ‘not guilty’ is very important for self-love.

8. Get a massage or go to the spa. Or just about anywhere else that makes you feel relaxed and pampered.

9. Read a book! Or have someone read it to you. You can find all the old classics and recently released ones online too nowadays.

10. Visit your family. Have them come over for a meal and cook!

11. Get your sleep and relaxation time through the day. It is YOUR time, and you deserve it!

In Conclusion Self-love, compassion, and respect are very important as age advances. It is up to you to give yourself the true encouragement, support, and love that you need. Everyone else will always be there, but the power of self-love always triumphs.    

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