Santa's Little Market – 21 Unique Gift Ideas for Christmas

Santa's Little Market – 21 Unique Gift Ideas for Christmas

“Hum bhi agar bachche hote” goes the old Hindi song that shows the child in us is still alive, no matter how many years have passed. Of course, we are all kids at heart! Why else would we still (secretly) want Santa - or anybody - to surprise us with the best Christmas gifts ever?

But life is not about merely receiving. Christmas is a reminder to express gratitude by gifting joyfully.

This Christmas don’t miss the chance to surprise your family, friends, colleagues, or grandchildren with the best gift.

Here are 21 simple and unique Christmas gifting ideas to help you spread some Christmas

Santa-tiser To Keep You Healthy This Christmas

Be. The Solution Toiletries

1. Aqua Shower Gel

Want to pamper a loved one? Gift this refreshing Thanda Thanda Paani Aqua shower gel that leaves the skin feeling nourished and rejuvenated!

  • Aqua-aromatic properties
  • Easy-to-use dispenser bottle
  • Mild fragrance
  • Moisturizes, nourishes, and hydrates your skin

2. Nimbuwala Fresh - Aqua, Hand Sanitizer

A perfect gift for someone who is always scared of catching the cold and is always looking for a way to ward off those infectious germs and bacteria.

For the wanderers and the explorers who are always on the go, this set of hand sanitizers is the perfect gift.

  • Made with a perfect blend of natural ingredients
  • Gives you a germ-free experience

3. Nawaabi Oud Hand Sanitizer

A thoughtful gifting idea to express your care for the cleanliness freak in the family - Be. The Solution Nawaabi Oud hand sanitizer is infused with a luxurious fragrance.

  • Healthy ingredients
  • Fresh fragrance

Daschund Through the Snow

Pet Care Products

4 .SPA CARE Pet Conditioning Shampoo - Naturelix

“Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.”

– Kinky Friedman

So true! Time to gift your pet a perfect SPA CARE conditioning shampoo.

  • Reduces fleas
  • pH balance for dog's skin
  • Eradicates foul odour
  • Reduces itching and dandruff

5. Car Belongs to the Dog Car Sign - Pet Glam

If Santa delivered gifts in a car and had a dog for company, he would surely need this car sign. This can be a funny way to express your unique, crazy love for your pet.

  • Brightly coloured with a funny line to draw maximum attention

6. Racing Pet Bed with Washable Cover (Medium) - Pet Glam

Your dog will say – “I am not sleeping. I am meditating in the ultimate pet bed that you gifted me this Christmas.”

  • Ultra-soft microfiber – gift your pet a lot of fluffiness
  • Made with high-grade, washable material
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Non-skid bottom

All the Jingle Ladies

Women’s Hygiene and Grooming Products

7. Nail Clipper with Magnifying Glass

The perfect Christmas gift for sensitive cuticles, this nail clipper has a magnifying glass to help cut your nails with precision and ease.

  • Made of steel with ABS plastic polymer body
  • Easy-to-adjust handle
  • Adjustable magnifier

8. Freedom Wand Personal Hygiene Aid

Freedom Wand is a perfect gift for older adults who want to take care of their personal & hygiene needs without always taking help from others. You can use the Freedom Wand to grip different items like razor, sponge, and tissue paper, and it comes with length extensions.

  • Easy-to-use and release slide button
  • Easy portability and multiple lengths
  • Used by hospitals for patients in many scenarios

9. Waterless Shampoo

This waterless Shampoo is just right for people who love travelling or camping and want to stay cool and fresh.

  • Protects your hair from scalp infections
  • Effective at killing germs
  • Removes dirt, dust and excess oil
  • Ensures smooth & shiny conditioned hair

All I Want for Christmas

Gift/ Leisure Products

10. Gift Box of Assorted Energy Bars

For that absolute foodie in your family, this Christmas gift has the goodness of 12 assorted energy bars. Healthier, tastier, and nuttier than ever.

  • Loaded with vitamins and minerals
  • Excellent source of protein and fibre
  • Do not contain artificial sweeteners

11. Neck Tie - Square Pocket - Cuff Links and Lapel Pin Gift Box for Men

For the men who love dressing up sharp, present a gift box from Mensome.

  • Includes a tie, pocket square, lapel pin and pair of cufflinks
  • Sleek and seamless stitching
  • Perfect for business, weddings, and parties

12. Pachisi - Ludo - Indian Ludo - Chausar

Pachisi is a cross and circle board game that originated in medieval India, also referred to as Chausar or Indian Ludo.

  • Can enhance strategic thinking and planning
  • Similar to modern day Ludo
  • Comes with colourful wooden coins

We Whisk You A Merry Christmas

Baking Products

13. Reusable Non-Stick Kneading Dough Mat

Gift this silicone baking mat and help the baker in your family keep the counters clean.

  • Suitable for kneading, rolling, and shaping
  • knead, roll and cut while keeping the working space clean
  • Non-toxic, odourless

14. Maple Crunch 450 gm and No Added Sugar Crunch 50 gm Oats Granola Rocks - Get Baked

Love munching snacks but don’t want unhealthy stuff? You have just found the perfect gift from ‘Get Baked’ with Maple Crunch and Oats Granola Rocks. Great for those who are weight-conscious and for diabetics.

  • Multiple health benefits
  • 100% Natural
  • Free of preservatives
  • Sugar Free

15. Baking Measurement Cups

Touch your baker friend’s heart with this 8-piece set of measuring cups and spoons, and make baking special for many more Christmases.

  • Includes four cups(60-240ml) and four spoons (1.25 to 15ml) capacity
  • Can be stacked into each other, making it easy to store

Oh Christmas Treat!

Food Products

16. Fruit and Nut Muesli (1000gm) - True Elements

Start your mornings with delicious fruit and nut muesli, the best choice for a healthy diet.

  • Contains freeze dried fruits and nuts
  • Great source of Omega-3 fatty acids
  • No artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
  • Packed with protein 100% natural and minimally processed

17. Panchamrit Tulsi Drops - A Natural Immune Booster

With winter coming, it is time to take extra care. Gift these super-healthy immune booster drops formulated with five types of tulsi extracts.

  • Helps to boost the body's immunity
  • Prevents more than 200 diseases
  • Suitable for all age groups

18. Sumptuous Treats Gift Box

Why eat “kuch meetha” when there are tasty, nutritious snacks around? Here’s a gift box of moong dal, nuts, flax seeds, and more - loaded with minerals, proteins, vitamins, iron, fiber, and pyaar.

  • Vegan-friendly snack box
  • Free of preservatives
  • No added sugar
  • Roasted mix of ingredients

Christmas Has Us Feeling Santa-mental

Health/ Lifestyle Products

19. Finger Massager (Pack of 2) - Star Health

A small Christmas gift for the hands that take care of you, or patted you on your back for a good job done.

  • Accelerate blood circulation
  • Natural way to massage fingers, or relax sore muscles

20. Aloe and Amla Berry Juice - AVG Health Organics

Combine the benefits of aloe vera and amla with this Christmas gift.

  • Improves heart health and lipid profile
  • Controls cholesterol levels
  • Improves bowel habits and digestive system

21. Knee Cap 3D Design - LifeShield

Don’t forget gifts for the elderly>, especially those who have arthritis or knee pain. Gift them a knee cap that can help ease the pain and gives good support too.

  • 100% cotton for comfortable wear
  • Promotes blood flow and avoids rash
  • Tapered shape that provides uniform compression
  • Coated rubber for lasting durability

Choose from the many gift options at our Christmas-special market, and become Santa to your grandchildren, friends, or spouse. Plan a surprise and make them feel special and loved this season!

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