Sadabahar Silsiley - The Introduction

Sadabahar Silsiley - The Introduction

In literal sense of the word, sadabahar means evergreen and silsila means continuation. Making lives evergreen has been our motto from the beginning and to continue we must, for it builds relationships, traditions and much of the world around us. Think about it, a series of silsiley have brought you here. But a wise man once said, it’s about the journey and not the destination. Our journey with you has already begun but for you to enjoy it thoroughly, you must be informed first. So while we continue our endeavours to bring innovative products, delightful customer service and create a highly engaged community, we are pleased to introduce our monthly tidings. A synopsis of the month gone by, of what’s significant, of what has happened and of things to look forward to. Here’s what was cooking in our kitchen this July 2017 -

Events: Katha Kathan 

Fine storytelling is such a rare find these days. Which is why we hosted an evening of Dramatised Readings in collaboration with Katha Kathan a Mumbai based group at Our Experience Zone in Pune. The works Tagore, Premchand and Manto were brought alive and audiences were left mesmerized.


Audiences intently listening

Saturday Night Live 

A usual Saturday evening, when some of our community veterans were karaoking to the likes of Mohd Rafi, Kishore Kumar other favourites. Catch their glimpses here and think twice before you miss our weekend karaoke when in Pune.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 1.05.14 PM.png

Singing to their favourite tunes

Must Read:

Renewing old initiatives for old citizens :

Articulates the Dignity foundation’s new initiative for elder abuse, psychological and emotional counselling. Seniority has been closely associated with the Dignity foundation in Pune and we wish them good luck in their endeavours. Welcome to the family: The newest member of our community is none other than Mr. Dilip Prabhavalkar. We recently had the pleasure of delivering a few products to his home and he showered us with love and gifted signed copies of his books Shriyut Gangadhar Tipare, and Kagadi Baan. Such a warm and humble person, we were absolutely in awe of him!


Anuradha, a member of Team Seniority with Dilip Sir

 On the Rack :

Talking about new additions, we’ve introduced a few products this month. Some are useful and some, soulful.

ShowerMatRed (1)

Slip resistant shower mat

Mukesh (1)

Mukesh Music Card by Saregama

Gulzar (1)

Gulzar Music Card By Saregama

Last but not least, the winner from our Father’s Day contest - Akshay Mahendra. The bond that Akshay and his father share is unbreakable. It’s always lovely to see youngsters playing such active roles in their parent's lives and extending their help wherever need be. Congratulations Akshay!


So that’s it for this month folks, stay tuned with us on Facebook or Visit our store to participate in the activities happening over weekends. - Team Seniority        

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