Sadabahar Silsiley Oct 2017

Sadabahar Silsiley Oct 2017

This past month, festivities have been at an all time high. The lights and diyas that once adorned our homes have been kept away. The gifts have been opened and we are suspecting a slight gain on the weighing scales as well. At Seniority, its been a rather overwhelming Diwali. So, let us jog up your memory or update you on the happenings -

Making Diwali evergreen

We teamed up with Hope For The Children Foundation and thought of bringing joy into the lives of enthusiastic tiny tots. Did we forget the older children? Of course not! The combination of seniors and the kids worked tremendously well and our entire store was made brighter by their smiles. Prayers were sung in unison, diyas were lit up, a complete jam session with karaoke and its safe to say everyone got a sugar rush. That's not all, a special surprise for the kids were the gifts, distributed by our community. Oh! But don't we all love those? Seniors were also thrilled to receive Diwali gifts. To end it all, everyone made a wish with a few sky lanterns shimmering in the background. We are hoping those will eventually come true! Check out the complete video here

Gifts Galore

Speaking of gifts, we took this opportunity to delight those who've stood by us the most. So boxes were packed, cards were handwritten and delivered just before Diwali to our most ardent users. To make it extra special, our co-founders Ayush Agrawal and Tapan Mishra went about town hand delivering these, only to receive more love at each doorstep.

Big ticket wins!

The festival of giving has no holding back and we collaborated with Club Mahindra Bliss so that our users could get a chance to win the holiday of their dreams. Other prizes included Seniority vouchers worth 25000, music hampers and other assured gifts to all the participants who shopped during October 2017. Its safe to say that we were spellbound by the participation and levels enthusiasm of the participants, all month long. And the winner is? Not so soon friends, winners are to be announced on November 20th. Stay tuned to see who put up a good fight!

On The Rack

Check out the new entrants here -

Mini Carvaan

Mini Carvaan

A compact version of our bestselling carvaan, that lets you take your music anywhere and doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker. Comes with 250 of your choicest melodies preloaded, perfect for when you are on the go!

Honeywell Air Purifiers

Honeywell Air Purifiers

In the wake of changing times, we have to adapt in order to keep ourselves and our families healthy. This one is great for breathing clean air at home when you cant do so outside.

Solar lighting Products

Solar Lighting Products

Lighting products that are good to you and the environment! These modern, efficient energy solutions include lanterns, torches and home lighting systems. Seems like we've given you enough to read up on, always trying to bring you more to look forward to.

See you next month! - Team Seniority

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