Sadabahar Silsiley - August and September 2019

Sadabahar Silsiley - August and September 2019

The month that signifies the dwindling down of summer and the approaching autumn, August was a month of fun-filled activities, laughter and a great deal of learning experience for our senior adults.

A place where laughter is Evergreen, Seniority organized several events to bring together the enthusiastic community of senior adults.

This is how Seniority welcomed the fresh breeze of autumn:

Friendship Day

A day that appreciates friendships, both old and new ones, this Friendship Day Seniority celebrated the ageless bond of these unique friendships. In a fun-packed evening of reminiscing all the beautiful friendships through conversations and memorabilia and singing their favorite songs on Karaoke, our senior adults reflected on the lessons that friendship imparts.

World Senior Citizen Day

To acknowledge and thank our elders for the efforts that they put for their children, the sacrifices they make to nurture relationships, Seniority organized an evening to appreciate our senior adults. With a bunch of heart-warming stories, musical games, quizzes and funfair the day was filled with nostalgia and laughter. Let’s not forget the pet therapy that brought smiles on the faces of our seniors.


Grandparent's Day

Grandparent's Day

With a beautiful start to the month of September, Seniority took a trip down the memory lane with our beloved grandparents who have filled our lives with unconditional warmth and love. A day that included the emotional stories of grandchildren and memorabilia by grandparents, this Grandparent’s day we witnessed the memorable journey of our seniors through storytelling and pop quiz.

#AskTheExpert Gardening Workshop

Gardening is believed to impart various therapeutic benefits to the senior adults, the activity improves flexibility and mobility. Keeping that in mind, we organized an informative gardening workshop where our onboard gardener taught the attendees to plant a sapling from the very first step. During the workshop, each attendee was given a sapling to plant and carry it home after the session.

Alzheimer's Day

At Seniority, where utmost attention is given to physical and cognitive health of seniors, we invited two esteemed doctors from Jehangir Hospital, Pune to talk about ‘Ageing with Independence’. While Dr. Radhika Patel presented a holistic view on preventing physical challenges related to ageing, Dr Farzana Mulla spoke about the lifestyle problems that affect both physical and mental health, and the importance of promoting an active lifestyle regardless of age.

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