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The New Year Resolutions : Staying fit!

The New Year Resolutions : Staying fit!

Exercise isn’t a costly affair anymore! Sticking to this resolution will turn out to be tricky, the gym memberships and private sessions will be burning a hole in your pocket in no time. Well, we have news for you, exercise is no longer expensive. Nutrition and an active lifestyle is the secret of a healthy body. Now is the time to consider an active lifestyle; and exercise is an integral part of it. Exercise doesn’t always mean hitting a gym or going for a stroll in a garden; it is also possible indoors with the help of equipment readily available at affordable prices. Exercise has innumerable benefits to live a healthy and active lifestyle thus enabling you to live your life with vigor and enthusiasm. Let’s discuss some of its benefits.

Benefits of Exercising Exercising is stepping stone to lead a healthy life ahead, and a life devoid of physical disabilities and worries. Here are some of its benefits:-

  • Balanced lifestyle - Exercising helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It helps maintaining a proper weight by burning excess calories, and it also improves digestion.
  • Positive outlook towards life - Helps to secrete the serotine hormone that regulates the feelings of depression. Production of endorphins through work-out’s makes you feel happy and broadens the outlook towards life.
  • Increases stamina - Enhances the overall stamina of the body to enjoy the little pleasures of life such as running an extra mile to see your grandson cycling on his own for the first time.
  • Improves blood circulation and bone density - Helps in improving blood circulation throughout the body. It helps to build strong bones and muscles thus preventing bone disorders such as osteoporosis at later stages of life.
  • Reduces the risk of heart attack - Reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as heart attack, diabetes, and low blood pressure. It also reduces belly fat thus maintaining balanced sugar levels in the body.

Classification of Exercises Exercises are not one-dimensional, they can be classified into different categories based on the elements of the body you wish to work-out. Here are some of these:-

  • Endurance or aerobic activities increase blood supply throughout the body thus preventing cardiovascular diseases in the long run. Brisk walking or jogging comes under this category.
  • Strength exercises are useful for muscle toning. Weight lifting and using resistance bands fall into the category of strength exercises.
  • Balancing exercises prevent falling and improve the dexterity of the body.
  • Flexibility exercises help in maintaining perfect body weight and figure.

It is essential to follow an exercise routine based on the type of exercise you prefer from the above category. Maybe you can begin with the endurance activities as it exerts less pressure on the muscles.

Want to Have a Look at Affordable At-Home Products?

We have a range of affordable and useful products tailored to your needs. The products are designed, keeping in mind the sensitivity of the muscles of the senior citizens. The material used in designing the products are of high quality made available to you at affordable prices.

New cycle exerciser is a tool especially designed by Vissco for the senior citizens to keep the muscles of the hips and the knees flexible and mobile. It also helps in overcoming arthritis and improves motor skills. Helps to ease out the joint pains.


Premium silicon stress/exercise ball It is just like a squeeze ball. It can be squeezed an unlimited number of times depending on your requirement. Helps to release stress. Also aids relaxation of fingers and palm muscles. You can even use this watching your favorite news channel and sipping a cup of coffee.


Hand-grip exercise set A complete exercise set that provides coordination in hand movements. Aids in stronger hand grip and facilitates wrist exercise. Increases blood circulation thus repairing the damaged muscle tissues. hand_grip_exerciser_set

Foot grip exercise set An apt product for the senior citizens who cannot go out for exercising. It helps in enhancing muscle flexibility of the legs. Improves blood circulation thus repairing broken muscle tissues. vissco_foot_hold_exerciser_set

Weight Cuff A tool used for strengthening the wrist muscles. It provides better grip. It can be used for wrist and ankles for support. Suitable weights can be inserted inside the cuffs. It can also be used for weight training. weight_cuff_vissco

Physical exerciser is an enhanced tool for toning the muscles of the thighs, stomach, chest, waist hips and arms. Provides great comfort and grip. Helps to maintain weight. Also acts as a stress buster. 51TUONg-vqL._SY355_

Hip cycle helps in toning the muscles of the lower body. Helps in relaxing the joints. A stationary cycle also used for reducing abdomen muscles. Increases blood flow and reduces the chances of heart attack. 395605095hip-cycle-1003-l

Tonomatic exerciser helps in reducing backache. Also used for muscle strengthening and reducing the waistline. Brings the body in good shape by burning the excess calories. It improves the cardiovascular system thus reducing the chances of a heart attack.


Balance Board facilitates exercise for one or both the legs. Has acupressure points that provide multiple health benefits such as improved brain power, muscle strength, flexibility and durability of muscles tissues. Also improves the overall posture of the body. Thus it provides the overall physical and mental fitness of an individual.


Resistance band You can carry it wherever you go. It heals the joints pain and is suitable for light exercise initially. You can start using it after a major operation to start light work-out. BandLoops19E

Parting Thoughts Exercising isn’t a daunting task as some of you may feel at the moment. All you need is just an hour dedicated to yourself. It is indeed mandatory to make exercise a daily regime as it has lots of benefits to spend the second innings of your life in peace and happiness. Do care for yourself the way you do for others.   

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