Navratri 2020 (Day 2) – The Story of Maa Bramhacharini

Navratri 2020 (Day 2) – The Story of Maa Bramhacharini

Navratri is considered to be one of the most sacred festivals among Hindus. Celebrated over a period of 9 days, this festival signifies the victory of good over evil.

Although Navratri is celebrated differently all over India, the excitement and devotion towards the festival remains unmatched. Moreover, during these 9 days, devotees worship each form or avatar of Goddess Durga. The festival of Navratri begins with the worship of Maa Shailaputri and is followed by…

The Worship of Maa Bramhacharini

Goddess Bramhacharini is one of the mightiest avatars of Maa Durga and is believed to be a symbol of peace and tranquility. The other powerful avatars of Goddess Durga are Maa Kushmanda, Maa Chandraghanta and Maa Siddhiratri.

Goddess Bramhacharini is worshipped on the second day of Navratri. In this incarnation, she embodies tapa (penance) and is known to bless her devotees with happiness and eternal wisdom.

History and Origin

In her previous birth, Goddess Durga sacrificed her life in the Maha Yagna of King Daksha. Later, she took birth as the daughter of Himavan – the King of Mountains and was named Parvati.

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As she grew up, Maa Parvati resolved to marry Lord Shiva, her husband from her previous birth. When her parents got to know about this desire, they strongly discouraged her and told her that is not possible.

However, Maa Parvati was determined to marry Lord Shiva. One day, Sage Narada, the son of Lord Bramha, came to visit her. After understanding Maa Parvati’s wish, he told her that the only way she could marry Lord Shiva was if she followed a path of penance and meditation.

Maa Parvati accepted Sage Narada’s advice and commenced her journey of strong penance and devotion. She even stopped eating food and consumed only fruits or flowers. Such was her dedication, that for more than 100 years, she refused to eat anything else.

After this, she only ate fallen leaves for more than 3000 years and slept on the forest floor. Later, she stopped eating fallen leaves and gave up water as well. Eventually, she grew fragile and her body also became extremely weak.

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However, she refused to give up and continued her penance for many more years. Soon, the news of her dedication and sacrifice spread to every corner of the world and reached the Gods as well.

Lord Bramha - the Creator, heard of Maa Parvati’s penance and appeared before her. He was pleased with her devotion and told her that no other person could have undergone such difficulties. Lord Bramha blessed Maa Parvati and told her that her love for Lord Shiva was truly special and pure.

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With the blessing of Lord Bramha, Maa Parvati now continued her penance with even more diligence and determination. Soon, Lord Shiva noticed her sacrifice and accepted her as his wife.

Due to this strong act of dedicated penance and unwavering faith, she earned the name Bramhacharini or Tapacharini (someone who follows the path of Tapa). Till today, Maa Bramhacharini is worshipped as…

The Goddess of the Second Day of Navratri

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Maa Bramhacharini is the embodiment of faith, love and sacrifice. She is depicted as wearing white clothes and is known to carry a Kamandala - utensil to hold holy water – and a rosary in her hands.

She teaches her devotees to stay determined and focused in difficult situations. Also, Maa Bramhacharini blesses her devotees with knowledge, peace, strength and prosperity.

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