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More Abled Than Disabled

More Abled Than Disabled

A determined mind along with strong willpower has the potential to move mountains. When life puts us through adverse situations as a sheer test of our mental and physical grit, the idea is to overcome them and rediscover happiness.

Say Cheese… Happiness can’t be measured on a yardstick, but you know you are happy when you can smile, accept what you have and let go of what you don’t. Some people might argue whether seniors can have the same zest for life if they have a disability. We think, why not? If the person can find ways of maintaining an independent lifestyle, whereby, they perform all or most of their routine activities on their own, it is possible to lead an independent and happy life.

Voila! - Discovering the Right Solution for Varied Needs

In the current times when technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, most problems do end up having a solution. Let us take a quick look at some smart ideas of ergonomically-designed essentials, that can help revive confidence in disabled seniors and empower them to live their lives independently.


Wheelchairs help disabled seniors stay mobile indoors and they are perfect devices for getting some fresh air outdoors. Wheelchairs are available keeping different requirements in mind. A standard wheelchair like the Invalid Wheelchair - Regular / Elevated Foot – Vissco works fine for making disabled seniors mobile, something they can start with.

wheelchair 1.jpg

However, a wheelchair with commode assists them in performing the everyday routine with ease. The seat of the sturdy Invalid Wheelchair Regular With Commode - Vissco is removable and can be used for attaching the commode bucket into the pre-cut hole when required.

wheelchair 2.jpg

For a more advanced and completely self sufficient version, motorised wheelchairs would be the perfect have. They are equipped with Battery-operated pneumatic tires to provide mobility without assistance.

Walking Sticks and Walkers

Seniors with walking impairment can take the aid of walking sticks and walkers to lead a self-supporting life. Walking sticks and canes offer excellent support with a sturdy cuff at the top.

cane 1.jpg

Round Handle Cane (2310) Foam Handle - Pedder Johnson is a lightweight walking stick made of anodized aluminum, comfortable grip and round handle.

cane 2.jpg

The Walker With Wheels - Pedder Johnson offers ease of Open-Close feature with the ergonomically shaped release handles. This wheeled walker is of great use on several surfaces and the buffers at the base provide fantastic grip.


Specially designed commodes and comfort-focused commode accessories make defecation easier for seniors with disabilities. Steel Folding Commode Chair With Castors is a great product for utility and comfort. It has sturdy castors for enhanced support and convenience. The foldable design has been created for improved mobility and convenient transport, to move it around as the need arises. It has been specially designed to improve the ease-of-usage factor for bedridden seniors.

com 1.jpg


The portable and convenient Invalid Commode With Cover – Vissco is useful for seniors with serious impairments They are unable to bend their joints at these angles and maintain this posture for a considerable duration (for the duration of the defecation process) as they face a lot of problems while rising up and assuming the standing position. This commode can be folded and kept aside when not in use. They anti-slip feet to prevent injury and skidding.

com 2.jpg

Add ons - Grab Bars

Elders with disabilities usually need support while getting up and sitting down, grab bars are an added bonus in this situation. The Stainless Steel Grab Bar - Pedder Johnson lends support while getting up, sitting down or while using the staircase. Versatile enough to meet the requirement anywhere, this grab bar can fit in bathrooms and along staircase walls.

grab bar 1.jpg

Add ons - Shower Seats

Elders, who are unable to move around for their everyday activities will benefit from shower seats. The Shower Chair With Backrest – Vissco makes the routine activity of bathing easier. This waterproof shower chair allows comfortable seating for up to 100 kilos of weight and has sturdy wheels at the base so that it becomes easy to port the individual to the bathing area.


shower seat 1.jpg

Add ons - Shower Mats

Shower mats provide resistance on wet, slippery floors. They are usually made of non-PVC rubber material for optimum performance and durability. They provide additional support during a bath for seniors with disabilities. shower mat.jpg

Add ons - Bedside Rails

Bedside rails work well for the safety of elders with disabilities and protect them from injury. Bedside rails are available in standard sizes that usually fit all beds. Bed Side Rail - Pedder Johnson has a collapsible function to help in lowering the rail when the user needs to get in or out of bed.

bed rail.jpg

Add ons - Adult Diapers

Adult diapers are useful for seniors with serious mobility constraints and the ones available today have anti-odor and antibacterial properties to prevent infection and rash. Check our range of Adult Diapers , they have a quick absorbing formula which keeps your skin dry for long hours.


To sum up...

We understand the difficulties being faced by several seniors today, while the damage cannot be undone, it is not the end of the road for them. There are specially designed products which can assist them in this empowering journey. These products are aimed at providing much-needed assistance, in order to maintain an independent lifestyle. While they are definitely handy, a disabled senior needs a positive and empathetic environment to experience a noticeable boost in emotional health. We hope that the caregivers and those living with seniors keep these points in mind. - Team Seniority    

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