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Men’s Grooming Essentials Buying Guide – The Best Products of 2019

Men’s Grooming Essentials Buying Guide – The Best Products of 2019

Ask any woman, and she will tell you – a well-groomed man is priceless. It also happens to be a rare commodity. With styles and trends changing every year, the ‘unkempt look’ that was considered cool until a few years ago, is no longer cool enough. Plus, who likes unhygienic men, right?

When it comes to men, things like personal grooming, skin hygiene and shaving are often-ignored aspects of everyday body care. Considered by many to be a ‘feminine’ thing, personal hygiene is extremely important and irrespective of the gender, every individual must take responsibility for their grooming on a daily basis.

A lot of men find shaving to be a ‘chore’. However, novel and innovative products from companies like Bombay Shaving Co. and The Nature’s Co. have brought in a breath of fresh air. These modern enterprises offer not just grooming products, but delightful and immersive ‘experiences’ that can make everyday tasks like shaving, bathing and skincare interesting and fun!

From shaving facial hair or maintaining a fantastic beard, to taking care of your skin and maintaining everyday hygiene, there is a massive range of products that can keep you looking fantastic and feeling fresh every hour, every day. On that note, we are bringing to you the best of ‘Men’s Grooming Essentials’ – a collection of what we believe are some of the best grooming products for the modern, urban man.

8 of the Best Men’s Grooming Products of 2019

At Seniority, our experts have handpicked some of the most groundbreaking products that are available online. These include beard care shampoo-conditioners, pre-shave scrubs, shaving creams, aftershave lotions, bath soaps and much more. 

1.     Beard Shampoo Conditioner Mint-Scented - Bombay Shaving Company

Beard Shampoo

Men with beards look absolutely handsome, don’t they? The classic beard look has become all the rage and is back in vogue today. However, it is important to understand that while you may take it for granted, your beard, too, requires a certain amount of pampering so that it looks great, feels good and grows like a charm. Maintaining a beard can feel like an uphill task, especially when it starts to grow long. Bombay Shaving Company brings to you a combination of shampoo and conditioner for your majestic beard and moustache with its mint-scented product. With the perfect blend of coconut oil, glycerin, Aloe Vera, wheat protein and Vitamin E, the product delivers deep cleansing and effective conditioning to your facial hair. Keep your beard free from dust, dirt, UV rays, sweat and dandruff with this Beard Shampoo Conditioner by Bombay Shaving Co. It helps hydrate your beard by retaining the moisture and strengthens your facial hair, thus avoiding breakage. Available in three enchanting fragrances – mint basil, sugar green and musk – the SLS and Paraben-free formulation adds a dash of shine and prevents your hair from becoming brittle.

2.     Lemon Brushless Shaving Cream (125 ml) - The Nature’s Co.

Shaving Cream

Gone are the days when you would sit for an hour, applying shaving cream or foam to your face with a brush before shaving your facial hair. A unisex shaving cream that doubles up as a natural antiseptic and bacteria-killer, this product from The Nature’s Co. is perfect for your everyday shaving needs. The Lemon Brushless Shaving Cream can be applied by hand and used for not only shaving your facial hair but any other body part, too. Based on the ‘no-foam formula’, the cream enables you to experience a close and silken shave. Its vegan and PETA-certified lemon oil ingredient refreshes you and also works as a natural astringent that tightens the skin. Get that unprecedented glow on your skin with this wonderful shaving cream. This natural beauty product is Paraben and chemical-free and comes in a 125 ml pack.

3.     Watermint After Shave Balm (100 ml) - The Natures Co

Shave Balm

In the clutter of aftershave lotions and balms comes a skin-friendly product from the house of The Nature’s Co. The perfect solution to your aftershave problems like irritation and burning sensations, this water mint aftershave balm hydrates and refreshes your skin after you are done the shaving. All you need to do is take a small amount of the balm and apply it to your face and neck area gently (by hand). It not only nourishes the skin but also softens it. Made from 100% natural, vegan and PETA-certified ingredients like mint, vegetable glycerin, menthol, natural preservatives and aromas, the aftershave balm prevents skin irritation and tightens pores efficiently. You could also apply this product the night before you have to shave – this helps make your beard soft, resulting in a smoother and gentler shave the next morning!  

4.     Spirulina Moisturising Cream for Men (125ml) - The Natures Co

Moisturising Cream

“Moisturisers are meant for the ladies.” That statement is an absolute myth. Men, too, require a certain amount of hydration when it comes to maintaining healthy skin. Another gem from The Nature’s Co., the Spirulina Moisturising Cream is suited to all types of skin – whether yours is oily, dry or normal. With excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, the cream is made to retain moisture content in your skin. It not only moisturizes the skin but also heals it and keeps it glowing. The protection that this moisturizer offers from irritants is second to none. All you need to do is take a small amount of the cream and apply it over your skin by hand. It is recommended that you use gentle, upward strokes for the best results. With extracts from the Spirulina plant, Aloe Vera and liquorice root, the cream is completely chemical-free and Paraben-free. Experience smooth, supple and hydrated skin every day with this moisturizing cream for men!

5.     Refreshing Bath Soap Pack of 3 - Bombay Shaving Company

Bath Soap

Bathing is such a mundane activity, isn’t it? But who said it has to be boring? Add a dash of freshness to your daily routine with Bombay Shaving Company’s Refreshing Bath Soaps. Available in a pack of three, these menthol-based exfoliating soaps moisturise the skin, exfoliate dead skin cells and also soothe any preexisting itchiness, soreness or sunburns. The super-saver pack lasts almost six months and works like a charm on all types of skin. Enhance and improve the daily replenishment process of your skin with these bath soaps. Made by hand using the best of ingredients and a whole lot of love, this product is a must-have for every man! The type of soap you use on a daily basis can have long-lasting effects on your skin. So make sure you know what you are buying when you shop for a bathing soap the next time!

6.     Shaving Essentials Kit - Bombay Shaving Company

Shaving Kit

A shaving kit is essential for any man who shaves regularly. And if you are amongst those who travel frequently or like to have your grooming essentials handy, this product is made for you. If there ever was a compact grooming kit that you could carry wherever you went, this has to be it! Bombay Shaving Company lives up to its promise of delivering the finest shaving experience with this all-in-one kit that consists of high-quality skin nourishing and shaving essentials. Make this so-called boring chore interesting again with Bombay Shaving Company’s Shaving Essentials Kit for men.

7.     Pre-Shave Scrub - Bombay Shaving Company

Pre Shave Scrub

Ever heard of a pre-shave regimen? Well, it is not only real, but also important if you care about your skin and facial hair. This lather-free pre-shave scrub by Bombay Shaving Company is recommended for people who shave their facial hair regularly. With ingredients like black sand (for effective exfoliation), Vitamin E extract (to enrich the skin) and Aloe Vera extracts (for that soothing effect on the skin). The product also helps release any trapped hair when you use it before your regular shaving routine, thus making the shaving process smoother and hassle-free.

8.     Stubble Oil Cedarwood – Bombay Shaving Company

Stubble Oil

Who doesn’t like a bit of stubble, eh? It looks smart, sexy and makes a man look desirable. Blended with essential Cedarwood oils and with a refreshing woody fragrance, Bombay Shaving Company’s superior stubble oil keeps your facial hair hydrated and healthy. With ingredients such as coconut oil, pumpkin seed oil, macadamia nut oil and argan oil, this signature product also relieves itchy, dry skin and leaves your face feeling soft and fresh. If you are on the lookout for a great product that is easy on your skin and also enables your stubble to look smarter than it already is, go ahead and shop this stubble oil now!

If you ask us, personal grooming is to be taken very seriously. It not only helps you look (and smell) the best version of yourself on a daily basis but also keeps you healthy on the outside and the inside. Perspiration, pollution, dandruff, dehydration, chemicals and harsh weathers (especially in India) are all contributing factors towards damaging your hair and skin. It is no coincidence that so many people suffer from early-age baldness, rough facial hair, skin infections, acne and several other conditions. More often than not, it is because of a lack of knowledge about how to keep yourself safe and healthy.

Products like shampoos, conditioners, shaving creams, razors, moustache wax, beard oils, bath soaps, moisturizers, aftershave lotions and exfoliating scrubs aren’t a luxury in modern times – they are necessities for the urban man.

At Seniority, we offer a wide assortment of outstanding skincare, hair care and shaving essentials for men. Explore our site to find what you need and order your favourite products online – we will ship them to your doorstep for free!

Stay clean, well-groomed and healthy!

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