Keep Your House Cool Naturally

Keep Your House Cool Naturally


Summers can be irritating. While you enjoy the bright sunny day, the sweat and heat make it unbearable to stay outdoors. Staying indoors is fine, but there are ways you can make your home cool naturally. Here’s how.  

Add a few green indoor plants – they give a cool feeling, are natural humidifiers and make the rooms look beautiful. Carefully choose plants that absorb humidity. Read more about indoor plants here.

  • Get your home summer ready with lighter, 100% cotton. You could also try cloth window blinds.

  • Closing the curtains and a few windows during the day can keep the heat out. Don’t forget to open them at sunset to let the fresh and cooler air in.

  • One super idea is to go environmentally friendly with solar-powered air-conditioning. Many Indian companies generate such air-conditioners


Cotton curtains for summers


Save time, money and effort It is a good idea to finish all the household work early before it gets too hot. Switch off most of the electrical appliances and lights - they add to the heat and load your bills. You can then relax and stay cool during the hottest time of the day. We know how trees and bushes help in decreased temperature natural. If you have space around your house or have a balcony, grow some plants. Create a mini garden in the balcony, to add that splash of greenery and relaxation space. 

Stay comfortable indoors


  • Use a large basin filled with ice placed in your living room and run your ceiling fan to be swept away on cool winds. Or place it in front of the pedestal or tower fans!  That’s air conditioning without the heavy bills. Your grandchildren would enjoy the novelty too.
  • Splash your cotton curtains with water using a spray bottle. Switch on the fan and feel your room cool down

  • Sleep or rest on a padded mat on the floor instead of your bed to stay cool.

  • Dress in thin cotton pyjamas or shorts and sleeveless tunics or tee shirts.

  • Take cool showers during the hottest part of the day.

  • Keep yourself hydrated. Have enough water, sip lassi, iced tea or healthy juices.


Keeping cool in summers


The Takeaway Seniors, don’t let the summer heat affect your health or mood. These tips will help you stay cool naturally.

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