Introduction to Incontinence

Introduction to Incontinence

Incontinence is one of the most distressing problems life can throw at us. The condition which translates to the loss of bladder control in layman terms is not just embarrassing but has a direct impact on our emotional and mental wellbeing as well. Though the problem of incontinence is not simply age-specific, it tends to intensify as one gets older. From instances of bladder leakage during coughing, sneezing, or nervousness to intense circumstances like powerful and sudden urge to urinate, incontinence can be a concern to not just the person experiencing it but to others as well. Researchers reveal that women are more prone to incontinence than men. Pregnancy, childbirth, pelvic surgery, and menopause are some of the common factors contributing to the onset of incontinence. To completely understand the impact of incontinence, you need to realize the four types of incontinence that one can experience. The types of incontinence include the ones arising due to:

1. Stress

2. Urge

3. Overflow

4. Functional disorder or condition.

Urge incontinence is when you have a severe urge to urinate followed by loss of urine (like the symptom of diabetes). Overflow incontinence is when your bladder doesn’t empty completely and functional incontinence occurs when you have a physical shortcoming like arthritis or joint pain preventing you from making it to the restroom fast or poor motor skills to use your hand to unzip your pants at the right time. No matter what the reason is, the fact that incontinence takes a direct toll on life is inevitable. That is why an aid like an adult diaper is very helpful and protective. Such diapers are designed keeping in mind the requirements of adults and the consequences and considerations that come with them.

What is an Adult Diaper?

Adult diapers are lifesavers of sorts for millions of adults out there who are helpless in dealing with the condition of incontinence. Adult diapers or briefs are of different types. From the ones resembling infant diapers and underpants to those resembling a sanitary pad, there are diverse types of adult diapers that meet the distinct needs of individuals. Adult diapers also come in different shapes, sizes, and material. There are adult briefs with cloth backing, plastic backing, and more and are designed for different purposes. For instance, there are diapers for nightlong protection, diapers that make less noise, diapers for heavy absorption, diapers that can be reused, and more.

Who needs an Adult Diaper?

To understand who needs to use adult diapers, we need to break a stereotype that adult diapers are meant for the elderly people or senior citizens alone. It’s a misconception. The problem of incontinence is as much a consequence as it is an age-specific condition. There are several different types of people who face problems due to poor or no control over one’s bladder.

1. If involuntary bladder leakage is a concern on one side, there is an equally alarming condition where there is no sense or feeling of passing bladder.

2. Special children and special adults who have to undergo this need adult diapers. People with dementia and those suffering from diarrhea need adult diapers, especially when they have to travel during such conditions.

3. Pregnant ladies; as bladder control becomes a serious concern during pregnancy and doubles when a pregnant woman has to travel.

4. Though senior citizens need adult diapers, we have all confined adult diapers only to them and made it an age-specific requirement. For others, lack of exposure to such products and knowledge on them has given rise to issues and concerns related to dignity. Awareness on the use of adult diapers can be brought in and taken to people who need it only when people talk about it and acknowledge the purpose it serves.

Purposes of an Adult Diaper

1. Prevention of Embarrassment

As we mentioned, adult diapers don’t just save individuals from the embarrassing situation that the society puts them into but from the emotional impact it can have on them too.

2. Convenience

Lack of bladder control is the last thing one should go through in adulthood and when it sets in, there is nothing more distressing than it. So, one of the major purposes served by adult diapers is the convenience they offer to people suffering from incontinence. Instead of the paranoia that fills the mind on finding restrooms on the way to a destination or simply getting up from bed and walking up to the restroom, adult diapers give them the convenience of staying where they are.

3. Reduction of odors and visible marks

Incontinence leaves physical marks on clothing and attire and adult diapers save people from the hassle of external visibility as well. Since adult diapers retain odor too, individuals can be free from the thoughts on people coming to know about their condition. It’s in the mind and once the mind is free from unnecessary thoughts, it is all fine on the outside.

The Different Types of Adult Diapers

If you didn’t know, adult diapers are of different types and not just the one resembling an infant’s diaper. The market today is flooded with models like underpad diapers, pull-up diapers, fastened diapers, and many more.  

1. Briefs

Briefs are adult diapers with tabs on the sides. Under briefs, you can find further classifications like briefs with cloth backing, plastic backing, refastenable briefs, briefs for day use and overnight use, and more. With cloth backing, these are the most popular adult diapers today, replacing the plastic-backed diapers because of the amount of noise they produced. The ones with refastenable tabs are those that can be worn or refastened again and again. The briefs designed for day use and overnight use are the most absorbent ones and come at additional pricing. They are most suited for traveling purposes and after medication, when sleepiness or drowsiness takes the best out of individuals and reaching the restroom becomes very difficult. Another classification of such briefs are the bariatric briefs meant for individuals with plus-size physiques. Individuals with large waist sizes may also need adult diapers, because frequent visits to the restroom becomes very inconvenient and risky. There are briefs that are available for people with waist sizes up to 94”.  

2. Pull-up Diapers

Pull-up diapers are more like inner wears that can be pulled up easily. They don’t have tabs and are ideal for frequent urination and for people with dementia. There are overnight models available on pull-up diapers as well.    

3. Reusable Diapers

These are diapers that can be washed and reused like regular inner wears and come in different variants of absorbent layers. These are light products that resemble inner wears but come with a pad inside. Such diapers are more expensive but in the longer run, they prove to be economical.  

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Right Adult Diaper

To experience maximum comfort and ensure your focus is undistracted by your diaper, it is necessary that you buy an adult diaper that meets all your needs. When buying, you need to consider several factors apart from pricing for an ideal diaper. Some of the factors you should take into consideration include the following: 

  • Type

            We have mentioned about the different types of diapers available in the market. You can choose the one that you think will fit your physique, body conditions, and other requirements to buy the right adult diaper. If you feel pull-up diapers can offer you more convenience, go for them or if you feel otherwise, you can choose briefs.


  • Absorption

            This is one of the major factors you should consider before making a choice. To decide on this, think of your purpose and activities. If you intend to travel by bus or car for hours non-stop, heavy absorbent diapers make more sense than their light counterparts. If you are visiting a bank and would return soon, the light ones offer more convenience in this case. It all boils down to your individual situation and decision.


  • Quality and Material

            The diaper that you buy must be of the highest quality to prevent leakage, giving out odors, and becoming visible through your cloth. The backing should also be considered when buying and we recommend you go for cloth-backing diapers than the plastic ones mainly because of the noise they give out.


  • Size, Comfort, and Ease of Use

             Your diaper must allow you to be normal at all times and not distract you with its presence at any time of the day. If it is uncomfortable, then it’s not your type or lacks the quality to blend in with your clothing. Size and comfort go hand in hand and if your diaper is larger than what you need, it can cause a lot of hindrance to your routine. Comfort is also directly connected to the diaper’s ease of use. Pull-up diapers are easier to remove and wear frequently than briefs. So ease of use also comes in as a factor to consider when buying an adult diaper.


  • Cost

             Cost is an important factor but last when compared with other factors. Like we mentioned, if it is disposable diaper that you intend to use, you might have to buy them frequently or stock them in numbers. Considering the amount you will spend on them, you can buy reusable (which are more expensive than regular diapers) instead and save more in the long run. Also, don’t go for the diapers that tend to be very cheap as there might be a compromise in the product’s quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are adult diapers hygienic?

Yes, they are completely hygienic. However, you have to play an active role in its maintenance as well. Proper disposal, periodic washing, and informed personal hygiene can make you stay away from any hygiene related concerns.

2. Can I wash my adult diaper?

If it is a cloth backing adult diaper, you can wash it. Generally, wash instructions are mentioned on the label or box and with proper care, you can make them last for a longer time – considering they are more expensive.

3. Do adult diapers absorb odor as well?

The good quality adult diapers do absorb odor and foul smell arising out of bladder to major extents. If pricing comes into the picture and you go for the cheaper ones, you can expect the diapers to trick you with their quality assurances.

Top Brands and Products

To help you buy the ideal adult diaper, we have come up with a list of brands and products that you can consider for your purchase. The list has been handpicked after taking into considerations the factors we have pointed out.

1. Adult Diapers – Pull-ups

Adult Diapers

This is a unisex adult diaper that is appropriate for both men and women. For those suffering from incontinence, these diapers provide optimum protection from leakages and odor. The diapers can be easily pulled up for wearing and come with elastic waistbands for convenient fitting. The diapers are highly absorbent in nature and allow enough ventilation for the skin to breathe.

2. Easycare Adult Diapers

Adult Diapers

If you have had a very recent surgery that has either resulted in incontinence or inability to move from the bed, the ideal adult diaper we would recommend is the Easycare adult diapers. Being high absorbent diapers, they can be used for long hours and are quick in absorbing bladder fluid. The front tape that comes with the diaper is adjustable and ensures that it doesn’t move or shift. The diapers are anti-bacterial and anti-odor and come with wetness indicators.

3. Underpads


For those who are in hospitals post surgery or before, the underpads arrive as the perfect protection for hospital beds with quick absorption features. They are antibacterial and are ideal for use in clinics and hospitals and use at home during the period of bed rest.

4. Open Diapers – Seni

Open Diapers

For those suffering from moderate incontinence, the open diapers offer body adjustment features and come with wetness indicators. They are quick in absorbing and reducing (to significant extents) any unpleasant smell or odor. They are leak-proof and allow space for the skin to breathe. One of the major aspects of these diapers is that they can be used for both fecal and urinary incontinence.

5. Diapers Disposable Bags

Diaper Disposal bag

When buying adult diapers, some of the other ancillary products that you need to buy simultaneously are the disposable bags. The biodegradable bags are ideal to dispose off your diapers in the most hygienic way possible. They are ideal to dispose off tampons, sanitary pads, and baby diapers as well. You can now do away with newspapers and plastic bags and use biodegradable hygiene bags instead.

6. Bladder Control Pads

Bladder Control Pads

Designed especially for women with incontinence concerns, these bladder control pads complement thoughts and concerns on discretion alongside balancing safety and comfort. They are leak-proof, quick-absorptive, and retain bad odor or unpleasant smell. Ergonomically designed for the body, they guarantee comfort and peace of mind.

7. Portable Urinals

Portable Urination device

One of the most beneficial healthcare products, the portable urinals arrive as a convenient way for people with incontinence to tackle their concern and those who find it difficult to use public restrooms as well. Made of polyurethane, it features spill-proof caps and adapters for unisex usage. Designed for the elderly people and those who are wheel-chair ridden post injury or those undergoing or having undergone a surgery, the portable urinals offer hygiene and optimum convenience. The bottles can be washed as well.

Adult diapers are a boon for most of us. With such diapers, you can now travel wherever you want to and for how long you want to without getting paranoid about bladder control. For those of you resting after surgery, products like these help in making you strain less and take proper rest. More awareness can be created on this when we talk and share. 
Do spread the word about the products and help as many people as you can.   

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