How to Use Public Transport Safely During Covid-19

How to Use Public Transport Safely During Covid-19

After more than a year of lockdown, countries are now looking at possible ways to slowly reopen their economies. Although some people have the option to work from home, most of the population still needs to step out for their jobs.

Public transport plays an important role in the smooth functioning of an economy as most people are entirely dependent on it for their daily travel.

People getting back to work means that many of them will now be relying on some or the other form of public transport. This, in turn, can increase your risk of getting infected.

Therefore, to avoid this and prevent further spread of coronavirus, here are some simple steps and precautions that can ensure safer use of public transport during covid-19.

Wear a Face Mask

As simple as it may sound, the importance of this statement cannot be emphasized enough. So far, face masks have been one of the most effective shields against covid-19.

With the use of public transport set to increase, we may eventually come in proximity to other individuals. In such scenarios, the risk of air-borne spread becomes even more prominent. In this situation, wearing a face mask can help.

Avoid Touching Bars or Handles

Although the chance of the Covid-19 virus spreading through surfaces such as handles or bars is not very high, you must still be very careful to avoid such contact as this method of transmission is not completely unlikely.

With the number of people using public transport, the frequency of people touching various surfaces in vehicles is more likely to be high. This makes it more important to take adequate precautions and avoid touching the handles or bars or any other surface unless required.

Carry a Hand Sanitizer

Another important and helpful measure that will allow you to safely travel using public transport is the frequent use of a hand sanitizer. Since, it may not always be possible to avoid touching surfaces in publicly used vehicles, a hand sanitizer can help you stay protected.

A hand sanitizer is one of the most important things to carry while travelling during the Covid-19 pandemic. So, choosing the best hand sanitizer as per your requirement and using it regularly is important to keep your hands clean and germ-free.

Avoid Touching Your Face, Nose or Ears

Apart from washing and sanitizing your hands frequently, you also need to avoid touching your face. Since, germs like bacteria and viruses can spread very quickly, you must pay attention and avoid touching your ears, nose and face at all times, especially without washing your hands.

Maintain Social Distancing

It goes without saying that keeping a safe distance from other people will surely help in preventing the spread of the coronavirus, which was the reason for a strict lockdown across countries.

When using public transport, try to maintain appropriate distance from your fellow passengers. If that is not entirely possible, avoid staying in proximity to them for a long time.

Avoid Crowded Public Transport

Although public transport officials have been asked to carry a limited number of people, your bus or train may be a little overcrowded at times.

In this case, you can avoid using that vehicle and wait for a lesser crowded one instead.

Go Digital

As the focus falls on avoiding physical contact as much as possible, public transport modes like buses and trains are now opting for digital transactions. This means that you can now go out and pay digitally.

This will be helpful for you as well as the conductors/cashiers at ticket counters, since they usually encounter thousands of people daily.

Public transport plays an important role in the growth of an economy as it allows easy and affordable travel for all citizens. Even though it may not be entirely possible to avoid physical contact altogether, we can still follow these simple measures to and create safer public transport during this Covid-19 crisis.

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