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How to Choose the Best Home Security System

How to Choose the Best Home Security System

Technology today has advanced to an extent where it has left no realm of life untouched. Home security is one such relatively-new phenomenon that is transforming the way we traditionally thought of the concept. While you may be living in a city, town or area that has a low crime rate, one cannot rule out the possibility of a burglary, housebreak, fire, gas leakage, etc. at any given point in time. If no one is at home, the risk of your valuables getting stolen or destroyed is high. But if you have a senior citizen, bedridden patient, child or pet at home (or employees at your workplace), it is an even bigger cause for worry. Who knows what might happen when an individual who is not 100% is alone at home when disaster strikes? Keeping your valuables (or the entire house) locked can only provide a sense of security to a certain extent – it has never been a foolproof security system anyway.

From keeping a tab on your garden to entry/exit points in the house, and from your lockers to bedrooms, a smart home security setup has become a necessity rather than a luxury that only the elite could afford in the past. So, here’s the full lowdown on modern-day home security, the different types of security systems available in the market and how to choose the best home security system according to your needs.

Why You Should Consider Installing a Home Security System

Here are some compelling reasons to consider getting a reliable security system to monitor and protect your home or office premises: 

  • Protect your property from intruders

Most robberies happen at residences when the occupants aren't at home. A home without a security system in place is an easy target for burglars. Having a robust security system can not only help you secure your house from break-ins, but also ensures that cops get enough evidence when they investigate any potential attempts made to enter the house by force.  

  • Protect your family and pets

If you have to leave an elderly member of your family or a child (or even your pet) alone at home while you are at work (or on a holiday), it is important that you have peace of mind while you are away. Professional home security systems allow you that peace of mind, helping you monitor the wellbeing of your loved ones. 

  • Protect your valuables

Cash, jewelry, high-end gadgets and electronic devices – your house and office are bound to have some (if not all) of these valuables. It is a no-brainer that these need to be kept securely. Smart security systems can help protect your belongings by enabling you to keep an eye on the property at all times. 

  • Protect your home or office from fires and gas leakages

Mishaps don’t occur with a prior warning. Fires and gas leaks are very common in Indian households and no matter how careful you are with inflammable items, accidents are bound to happen. Some home security systems come equipped with special fire and fuel gas sensors, thus notifying you instantly about any threats.  

  • Keep a remote eye on your home or office

If you wish to keep an eye on your caregiver hired to take care of your kids or the elderly in the family or even your pets, you can do so remotely with the help of security surveillance cameras installed in different parts of the house.  

Understanding Home Security and Why it is a Life Saver (Literally!) A home security system is basically a set of integrated and connected devices through which your house can be secured.

The typical components of a home security system include:

  • Door and window sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Security cameras (wired or wireless)
  • Alarms and sirens
  • Emergency button
  • Control panel (the main unit)

Cameras with infrared night vision, smoke detectors, gas leakage sensors, video doorbells, etc. are some of the more advanced options available with some security systems. Let’s take a look at some of the best home security devices and systems available in India.

Home Security Systems and Devices

1.Smart Hub with Cam – SharpNode 

Monitor your home, baby, pets, caregivers and even office space remotely while you are at work or on a vacation. Amongst the top real-time video surveillance cameras going around, the three-in-one Smart Hub with Cam (camera, home automation gateway and alarm host) comes loaded with intelligent theft alert and free cloud services, apart from a wireless plug-and-play device. This type of system is active and preventive in nature, meaning the SharpNode 3S Camera offers video streaming with a real-time alarm notification to your smartphone. With an Android as well as iOS application (SharpNode 3S), the SharpNode Cloud stores the recorded video clip even if someone tries to destroy or steal the security system. The system supports 32 channels with external wireless sensors like door sensor, fuel gas sensor, smoke detector, emergency SOS, remote control, and smart home accessories including curtain controller, smart plug and lighting control – giving you a host of options to control your home from anywhere in the world.
  Key features:

  • 720p HD recording
  • Built-in PIR motion sensor
  • Microphone and speaker
  • 128 GB built-in storage
  • Infrared night vision
  • Built-in siren

Similar product recommendations: Smart Home Security Kit Combo -SharpNode     Smart Security Kit Combo -SharpNode     


2.  Smart WiFi Doorbell – TigerTech 



Never miss a visitor again, and keep your home secure from undesirable guests! This handy system is the ‘eyes and ears’ that you need at the front door. Connect the Smart Doorbell to your home WiFi and interact with whoever is at your front door, whether you are at home or away. This sleek-looking integrated system comprises of a doorbell, video camera (high definition), motion sensor and intercom phone. When the doorbell rings, you receive an instant notification on your phone and you can see and talk to the visitor through the 720p HD video camera and speaker. You also get a live video on demand option that enables you to monitor your front door anytime (or record a video that you can watch later). Furthermore, it doubles up as a security camera that has a motion detector to sense any unwanted activities outside the door (even if the doorbell is not pressed) and automatically records a video.
  Key features:

  • 110-degree wide angle HD video with 4x zoom
  • Powerful night vision
  • Wireless indoor chime
  • Weather resistant doorbell
  • iOS and Android compatible for easy smartphone access
  • 12 months warranty and customer service in India
  • Wall mount plate, screws, and toolkit for easy installation

For the product manual and installation details, click here.    


3. Smart Security Camera – TigerTech 

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution to your home security worries, the TigerTech SmartCam is a great option. Allowing you to keep a close eye on your property, it connects to your tablet, smartphone or PC over WiFi seamlessly. You can watch live video on demand in 1080p HD with a 4x zoom. You can also make two-way video calls, thanks to the built-in speaker. Its motion detector sends alerts on your phone when movement is detected. The camera automatically starts recording and storing the video on a local 32 GB SD card in case motion is detected. Its advanced infrared night vision ensures that you can record videos in total darkness. The camera comes with a USB power cable, adapter (5V 1A output) and a detailed user manual to enable easy installation.   Key features:

  • New optics and updated image sensor
  • 110-degree wide angle view
  • Built-in speaker and microphone
  • 12 months warranty and pan-India customer support

  4. Smart Home & Security Kit Combo – SharpNode 

They call it the Boss Kit! An active and preventive security and automation system, SharpNode’s Smart Home & Security Kit Combo is a state-of-the-art setup that has all essential features that you could ask for. A popular choice for big homes and offices, it comes with an intelligent theft alert feature and free cloud storage. The wireless plug-and-play device combined with a remote controller comes equipped with door sensors that can detect intrusion from the door or window. Real-time alarm notifications, sirens, video recording, and easy viewing make it one of the best home security systems in the Indian market.

Place the sensor on an almirah or safe and you can receive instant alerts on your smartphone when the doors open or close. If someone tries to destroy or steal the system itself, the system still takes a snapshot and stores the video on the SharpNode cloud. Another handy feature that it presents is that the Smart IP camera is integrated with different sensors and smart accessories that help monitor and control household electrical appliances from anywhere in the world. This includes air conditioning, lighting, television, music players, etc. and over 5,000 other appliances that can be controlled using the universal remote or through your smartphone.  

Key features:

  • Real-time high-quality video surveillance on WiFi
  • Built-in PIR motion sensor
  • Local storage of up to 128 GB
  • Infrared night vision
  • Home Automation Gateway
  • 720p HD IP camera

If you are on the lookout for a trustworthy, value-for-money, and quality home security system or wish to compare models, browse through our website for more options.

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