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Health Issues Faced By Elderly Men (Fathers' Day Special)

Health Issues Faced By Elderly Men  (Fathers' Day Special)



We all know that men are more prone to diseases after a certain age but the real problem is that their health is often overlooked. Rarely, you would find campaigns or discussions about men’s health, as they are often neglected. This fathers’ day, make sure you are looking after the men in your home. Here are few diseases, men are more likely to get.

Diabetes -  We are well aware of this condition and how it affects the blood sugar level of our body. Elder men are most prone to diabetes. Once a person is diabetic,  it affects their mental health, cognitive abilities and may also harbor many other diseases. Diabetes dramatically increases the risk of various cardiovascular problems, heart attack, stroke, and narrowing of arteries (atherosclerosis), again which are more prone to men. It is important to recognize the early symptoms of diabetes in men. To know more about diabetes, symptoms, and solutions, click here.

Senior keeping his sugar level in check

Piles- Also known as hemorrhoids, are basically inflamed tissues along with blood clots that get passed out of the body through the rectum. Elder people are more likely to develop this condition and the causes may be chronic constipation, straining too much during bowel movements or sitting on toilet seats for long. The best way to improve this condition is by altering one’s diet. Including more fiber and increasing water intake is beneficial in this condition.

Senior suffering from piles

Hypertension- The term refers to the condition of elevated blood pressure. Prevalence of hypertension increases with age and most elders aren’t even aware of their condition. This can result in a heart attack, stroke or even diabetes. According to studies, the effects of normal aging on the cardiovascular system involve alterations of the aorta and of the systemic vasculature which reduces the elasticity of the blood vessels. Here is an elaborate article on hypertension which will answer most of your questions. Click here to read it.


Senior getting pulse checkedRead more 

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