FAQ: World Hypertension Day

FAQ: World Hypertension Day

On World Hypertension Day, we at Seniority conducted a live chat session with Dr. Vinod Midha who is an established rheumatologist, diabetes specialist and paediatrician. He answered questions related to hypertension and other related issues for the people who tuned in.

Following were the queries of people and we hope that it answers some of your own questions regarding hypertension.

Q - "I am suffering from high blood pressure and sugar. Sometimes I see swelling on my face and legs. I also feel sleepy quite often''

Answer - In order to control your diabetes and hypertension, list your latest report of the diabetic profile, lipid profile and renal profile. If any of the profile is not within the normal range, there is Thiazide group in diabetes where urine outflow is high, keep that in check. Please strictly reduce your salt intake.

Q - “How to control blood pressure?”

Answer - In order to control blood pressure, you should have a balanced diet, exercise regularly, take no stress, have a good sleep, have low sodium and high potassium intake and take medications according to your blood pressure.

Q - “Can Hypertension be treated only by lifestyle modifications or medicines are compulsory?"

Ans - If your BP is surged up to stage 2 - 145/90, it can be treated by the lifestyle and diet changes. If the hypertension is above that level then it needs consultation and proper medications to get better.

Q - “Hello Sir, I had a query. I am on hypertension medications (M 68) since last almost 35 years. With medication, it is under control (130/82). At times I forget whether I took the pills or not. In such a situation, what is better, to take the medicines again (probably double dose) or to miss it? (no medicine at all for morning or evening). "  

Ans - In case of medication, you can take the medicine again because even double dose (new age medication) will not have any wrong effect on the BP. However, in case you don't remember whether you have taken the medicine or not, you should check the BP through a reliable BP monitor and then take the prescribed medicine accordingly.

Q - “Sir if a person has normal cholesterol levels and has hypertension, how do you rate him? What I mean to ask is, if a person has dyslipidemia but is non-hypertensive and there is another patient who has normal cholesterol levels but has hypertension, who is at more at risk of having a health-related issue?

Ans - Even if the cholesterol is normal, you need to continue with the medication. Check the BP regularly, if it's normal you can stop otherwise continue the medication. If the patient has dyslipidemia he is at more risk of developing a health issue, even though the hypertension is absent because dyslipidemia patients have a risk of developing cardiac issues.

Q - Hello Doctor. Is there any food item or exercise that can help reduce stress or hypertension? What food should be consumed to avoid stress?Thank you."

Ans - Avoid processed and junk food. You should eat melons, garlic, banana, leafy green vegetables and berries. Less sodium and high potassium should be there in your diet. Absolutely avoid packaged food, eat healthy food.

Q - Does your BP vary with age? What should be the ideal time for measuring BP? How often should you monitor your BP? Does losing weight help in reducing BP? Can u get off BP medicines ever or is it a lifetime thing?

Ans - Yes it varies with age, you should measure the BP in the morning. If self-monitoring, then you should check it daily. If a physician is involved then twice a week at least. It does help in reducing weight, of course. Once diagnosed, you need to take proper medication in stage 1 and stage 2. However, if it is above stage 2, you can not stop the medication. Lifestyle changes can eliminate the BP issues in stage 1 and 2.

Q - What is the ideal BP range for a 48-year-old man? Is low BP an issue too? My wife’s BP reaches up to 110 and 75 and she is 42 years old?

Ans - An ideal BP range for a 48-year-old man is 130/86. Low BP is not a disease, it is due to stress and emotional changes. Medication is not required for this particular case. 110/75 is normal for a 42-year-old female.

Q - I am 75 years and I monitor my BP regularly. What should be the ideal systolic/Diastolic readings?

Ans - The normal range for you will be 130/90.

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