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Empowering Seniors with Emoha - Specialized Elder Care Services

Empowering Seniors with Emoha - Specialized Elder Care Services

According to Global Age Watch Index, India has the highest elderly population in the world, projected to rise to 12% of the whole population by 2020.

By 2050, the number of elderly in India will be 308 million - which will be 20% of the population. Think about it – one in every five people in our country will be an older adult.

For generations, every family in our society has been expected to look after the elderly. So it’s easy to imagine the social and cultural stigma around the concept of professional elder care services. But India is catching up.

Factors such as increased life expectancy, lower fertility rates, changing family structures, more women in day jobs, and the mass migration of young adults in search of employment, are contributors to the need for professional elder care services. So, you don’t need to feel guilty about reading an article about elder care services.

“The elderly not only deserve a longer but also a healthier and happier life.”

Ageing is not only unavoidable - it causes numerous biological changes which can affect Activities of Daily Living (ADL) such as poor vision, hearing, and mobility. Other scenarios, like dementia and depression induced due to loneliness, could be easily overlooked. This should not be the case.

The elderly may feel frail, but they don’t have to be alone in the battle.

We must keep the feelings of stigma aside and gain knowledge about the emotional, psychological, social, financial, and physical needs of older adults. It is OK to accept that the family alone cannot always take care of all the needs, and seek professional assistance.

Why Comprehensive Elder Care Services Matter?

Lack of training and knowledge often force family members to adopt a trial-and-error approach, or overburden themselves into becoming an all-rounder, and fail. Burnouts or health issues for caregivers in the family are very common. The good news is that people are slowly opening up to professional elder care services.

There is a steady rise in day care and home care services that help give companionship and support for seniors with chronic physical conditions and disabilities. By seeking help from professional caregivers, and a network of geriatric physicians, psychologists, nutritionists, and physiotherapists, you let your loved ones a chance to live a healthier, happier life – especially when you can’t be physically present.

“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.”

~ ‘The Inspired Caregiver’, by Tia Walker

What is Emoha?

Empowering elders to live independently, Emoha provides specialized elder care services in India. From health management, providing support during emergencies and mishaps, the team of professionals help the elders to maintain an active and engaged lifestyle.

What Facilities Does Emoha Offer to the Elderly?

Here is a list of common facilities Emoha provides exclusively for the elderly.

1. Healthcare at Home

This includes services in geriatrics, dementia care, post-operative care, and long-term care for arthritis, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, stroke, and Parkinson’s. Nursing care services focused on age-related disorders are also available. These cover administering medications and injections, monitoring vital signs, nebulization, bladder wash, blood sugar monitoring, and vaccinations.

Other home care services include holistic stroke rehabilitation and cancer care.

2. Emergency Services

It could be a fall, attack, fire, electric shock, heart attack, tumble down the stairs, or theft. Emergencies come unannounced and this service is of prime importance for seniors living alone.

You can have smart sensors installed to track loved ones and alert the emergency care service team. The 24/7 responder will respond within 15-30 minutes and provide solutions such as firefighters, ambulances, first aid, paramedics, or police.

3. Home Safety

You can get home assessments done by experts in home safety for older adults, identify aspects that could make the house unsafe for seniors, and install intelligent sensors and other helpful solutions.

Elders can reach out for help either by pressing a button or using intelligent sensors that alert a first responder, designated relative, or friend. Wearable IoT devices can keep watch on vital signs 24/7. Home safety audits make the home senior-friendly, so they can handle emergencies better.

4. Convenience Services

These include concierge services, healthcare appointments, travel and shopping assistance, pension processing, visa/passport processing, senior citizen insurance, government paperwork assistance, and running errands. Look for services from trained elder care professionals who make strenuous tasks a breeze for seniors.

5. Engagement

Senior well-being is about being healthy in body, mind, and soul. You can avail of engagement services that include yoga & meditation, musical nights, comedy shows, cultural nights, health camps, book launch, nature walks, group tours, culinary festivals, literature festivals, talk shows, and more.

Professional elderly care services not only provide medical and emotional help but also enable a life of dignity, companionship, and peace of mind. Why not take help for your loved ones and show love in action?

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