Bring her the best of fun and surprises this Mother’s Day!

Bring her the best of fun and surprises this Mother’s Day!

Mothers are no doubt, special beings in our lives whose love knows no bound. In her, we find a friend, a confidante and an endless life support system we can count on, in the darkest hours. For someone like her, who brings us endless joy, a day in a year isn’t really enough but this day can definitely bring along an infinite celebration of the joy of the relationships we share with our mothers. Our mothers have stayed a constant in our lives and they’re the ones responsible for what we’ve grown up to be today. There can never be enough to say thank you for all of the things she’s done for us, but starting with having to spend time with her is just really what she’d want us to do. Are you planning to spend this Mother’s Day doing something fun and memorable with mum? Are there some things that you’d rather do along with her rather than your girlfriends? Then, we’ve got a plan to share some perfectly amazing adventures you can do with her this Mother’s day!

1. Grab a movie along with tons of buttered popcorn

If your mom’s a movie buff, then this is the perfect activity you can plan to do together this day. You could either Netflix retro movies if mommy loves your home theatre system or you could go watch back-to-back movies in a movie theatre near you. Don’t forget the buttered popcorn for a perfectly enjoyable experience!

2. Go on a lunch date to her favorite restaurant!

Can’t take the day off for her? Well, you could save an hour aside for a special meal together. Reserve your seats at her favorite restaurant in the city and treat her to a lovely lunch date. Order her favorites off the menu and make sure you surprise her with a lovely gift to make up for not spending the rest of the day together. Not having to cook and clean up after is a bountiful of happiness you can gift to her!

3. Try on sarees from her wardrobe and learn some hacks from her

She’s the eternal guru of saree draping and carrying the outfit at ease. How about giving her some pleasure by putting on her sarees and learning all tricks of the trade from her? For one, she’d be blissfully surprised to see you in her sarees. Plus, bonus points for taking the initiative to learn how to drape the six-yard wonder!

4. De-stress and Unwind with a Day at the Spa

A good massage at the spa is a great way to relax while indulging in some good gossip with mom. Also, a great manicure/pedicure would be just perfect to make her feel pampered on the day. Slip into some comfy clothes and head to the spa for the ultimate guide to having a soothing time together!

5. Throw a hi-tea for her friends

Plan a beautiful surprise by inviting over her friends for a hi-tea session at home. Have some interesting conversations over tea and munchies, as you get to know the fun times they’ve had together and the stuff they’d do when they were much younger. Also, get to learn how great your mum has turned out to be as a girlfriend to her closest friends.

6. Make her listen to your playlists and follow new music artists

While you may have picked up on her kind of music during your formative years, you need to introduce her to some new age music and upgrade her preferences to include some new genres. See if your tastes match and make your mom explore a whole new world of music! Have some fun discovering any of her quirky tastes in music.

7. Be her personal shopper for the day

Get her style quotient game on par by taking her out shopping for the day. Where else can she find a better personal shopping assistant than in you? Make her experiment a new look or style and make sure her wardrobe’s stylised with the latest fashion trends. This should be some worthwhile time spent with her!

8. Bring back memories with some timeless old photographs

Take the dust off some old family albums and spend the day reminiscing some timeless old memories. Share a few laughs about great times from the past with the family and revive all the fun you’ve had together. Brew a hot cuppa while you warm yourselves at home amidst the chatter and giggles.

And what about her special gift for the day? For love so unconditional and pure, we’ve got just the right curated a set of gift hampers you can choose for your mom!

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Make sure you capture all the memories of this beautiful day with a bunch of selfies with your mom! Afterall, a picture can speak a thousand words and you’ll have all of the memories of the day to re-run through the next year around!    

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