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Best Wrist Support Bands and Braces to Choose From

Best Wrist Support Bands and Braces to Choose From



The wrist is an often-ignored and underrated part of our body. It is by far one of the most important sections of the hand and arm since it serves so many different purposes without making too much of a fuss. A delicate joint that aids the everyday movement of your hand, the wrist plays many roles. From bearing your body weight when you get up and aiding the easy lifting of any object, to performing pulling and pushing tasks, the wrists work silently-yet-effectively in our daily routine. Writing, holding an object, driving, riding, throwing, catching, lifting, pushing, pulling… any activity that requires you to use your hands automatically involves the wrists, too.


Common Types of Wrist Injuries


The most common types of wrist injuries include:


  • Sprain

  • Strain

  • Tendinitis

  • Avulsion

  • Fracture

  • Arthritis

  • Gout / Pseudogout


Chief Causes of Wrist Pain or Wrist Injuries


The wrist is a delicate body part and is prone to injuries. Since it is used so frequently for a massive range of activities, it may suffer at some point in time. Most of these problems arise due to:


  • Weight  Lifting too much weight (body weight, buckets, gym equipment or anything else)

  • Strength  Weak wrists or a loss of strength

  • Flexibility  Rigidity in the wrists or lack of required flexibility for certain tasks

  • Overuse  High-intensity activities, extensive load bearing

  • Wear and tear  Natural wearing down of the wrist due to age and usage

  • Accident  Any kind of physical accidents where the wrists are involved

  • Sports  Playing any sport that involves the use of wrists (tennis, badminton, cricket, golf, hockey, etc.)


Apart from the above, silly injuries due to pressure applied on the wrist while sleeping awkwardly or the unintended turning or twisting of the wrist can also cause minor injuries.


Managing or Treating Wrist Pain and Injuries


While wrist injuries are generally not too serious in nature, ignoring them can really turn into a major scare if not treated early. Ignorance is definitely not bliss in case of wrist injuries. In most cases, the RICE therapy works best for wrist injuries:


  • R – Rest

  • I – Ice

  • C – Compression

  • E – Elevation


Compression is of utmost importance in order to treat wrist issues since it works by applying pressure on the affected area and helps relieve discomfort. In the case of more serious injuries, immobilization of the wrist is highly recommended. In extreme cases, the doctor may take scans to see the extent of damage to your wrist and subsequently advise the course of action and rehabilitation therapy.


 Best Wrist Support Braces and Aids Available Online


Talking about compression, there are several relief aids and compression products out there that you can order online for treating your wrist injury at home. We have shortlisted some of the bestsellers, manufactured by highly-rated brands, available in India at Seniority.in – read on and take your pick!


Wrist and Arm Exerciser - Samson 

Wrist and arm exerciser (black)

Made from high-quality alloy stainless-steel, it is a very effective exerciser to improve the apparatus of your wrist. It increases the strength of your fingers, wrist, and forearm and also improves resistance. The exerciser does not deform easily and is very easy to grasp. Working on strength is advisable for seniors and it tones up the arms which increase endurance.

Wrist Band Cotton Each - Vissco


Girl wearing wrist band cotton


Affordable, reliable and effective – this is the best way to describe the Wrist Band Cotton Each by Vissco. This wrist support is excellent for light injuries that might happen due to the straining of the wrists. Universal in size and nature, this product can be used by anyone, right from children and adults to athletes and senior citizens. It is very effective in providing ample support to the elderly who generally have weak limbs and individuals who play sports that require a high amount of wrist movement and function.

Wrist Support Brace - Vissco



Vissco’s Wrist Support Brace delivers optimal support and comfort to the injured wrist area by applying compression. It is highly effective in relieving wrist pain caused due to spraining or bearing too much weight. This rehabilitation aid has been designed to help you get your wrist back to its normal functionality by healing it quicker. It has been made using high-quality fabric that is comfortable on the skin and breathable in nature. The wrist brace is super-easy to apply and use – all you have to do is wrap it around the wrist and tighten the brace as required.

Elastic Pullover Wrist Support - Vissco


 Girl Wearing Elastic Pullover Wrist Support


The ‘elastic pullover wrist support’ is another popular type of wrist aid that delivers ample compression. Vissco’s Elastic Pullover Wrist Support has been manufactured to aid quicker healing of common wrist injuries. Its highlighting feature is that it is short in length and can be fastened using metal splints that are highly adjustable. This flexibility feature allows the user to define a degree of support that the doctor has advised without compromising on comfort and convenience. If you are looking for a wrist support that allows a custom fit, this product is just what you need.

Re-Freezable Ortho Support Wrist - Activecool


Re-Freezable Ortho Support Wrist


Activecool is another top-rated brand that offers a wide variety of physical support aids and rehabilitation products, including wrist support products. This Re-Freezable Orthopaedic Wrist Support by Activecool is a fantastic homecare remedy for treating any injury to your wrist. The product has been designed to minimize the extent of the damage caused due to your wrist injury. It helps relieve pain by using ice therapy. Made in a wrap mold, the support aid decreases swelling and treats your injury, especially in the initial stages, by healing the affected area of the wrist. The wrap fits comfortably over the wrist and has been made to keep the temperature intact for long periods of time. The reusable and re-freezable wrist support pad should be used in combination with rest for the best results.

Carpal Wrist Support - Vissco



This Carpal Wrist Support product by Vissco provides relief to individuals who are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), a common condition that results in pain, numbness and a tingling sensation in the hand, wrist, and arm. The carpal tunnel syndrome usually occurs when the median nerve is squeezed or compressed. Since this is an important nerve that runs through your wrist, this area can get affected and make the natural movement of the wrist difficult. Made from a soft, padded and stretchable fabric, the Carpal Wrist Support can be worn for long periods of time without any discomfort. You can consult a specialist to gauge what kind of stretching exercises are good for your wrist health in order to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome or to rehabilitate your affected wrist. This product is designed to help you recover from CTS and reduce the pressure on the median nerve.

Cock Up Wrist Brace - Dyna

Cock uo wrist brace- Dyna
This Wrist brace is suggested for sprains and strains within the wrist and additionally in early cast elimination. It comes velcro straps for smooth application and removal. It's far made of plastic coated malleable aluminum, which keeps the wrist in extension.   This wrist brace can be used for postoperative control of fractures as well. 

Wrist Splint Binder With Silicone Left pressure Pad - Vissco

Anyone who has hurt their wrist knows how much it affects daily living. This Premium wrist splint provides excellent support to the wrist. The sleeve and silicone padding provides compression and helps rehabilitate the joint but does not hamper the thumb and finger movements. A soft Polyurethane splint allows partial movement of the wrist, allowing you to go about your usual activities in the day and provides excellent support to the wrist. 



Apart from these products, there are many other wrist support aids and braces you can choose from. Here are a few things to look out for in terms of must-have features in a wrist support product:


  • Size – Make sure you order wrist support that is universal in size and can be used by anyone

  • Comfort – The feel and material of the brace should allow you to feel at ease and let your skin breathe comfortably

  • Degree of motion – Check with your doctor to understand what degree of motion you need


It is important that any pain or discomfort in the wrist area that lasts more than a couple of days is diagnosed correctly. We recommend visiting a physiotherapist, physician or ortho specialist to gauge the extent of damage and what kind of rehabilitation is required to restore the wrist back to its normal functionality. In some cases, you may require additional medication or the application of ice packs. Your doctor is also the best advisor when it comes to helping you choose the right kind of support brace depending on your injury.


Seniority offers the widest selection of rehabilitation aids and physical support products that you can order from the comfort of your home. Browse through the options now!



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