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FAQ: #AskTheExpert Dentist

FAQ: #AskTheExpert Dentist

No matter the age, we all suffer from dental issues. Be it a cavity or toothaches, we usually have some general questions regarding teeth and oral hygiene. We recently held a special live chat session with Dr Ankit Khanna, BDS-Dental Surgeon And Implantologist. Dr Ankit answered all the queries and provided a solution for all the questions asked during the live chat. To be a part of our AskTheExpert community, click here.

Q - I have been suffering from bleeding gums. Kindly help. Dr Ankit: The most common cause of bleeding from gums is bacterial deposit in the gums, which leads to inflammation and then bleeding. A very simple solution for this is regular dental health checkup and regular visits to the clinic. At home, you can use a mouthwash or warm water with salt to rinse your mouth in the morning after brushing your teeth and at night as well.

Q - I am suffering from receding gums for 4 months! I feel very awkward. I discussed my problem with 2 3 dentists! I also started using Vantej toothpaste! Had Metrogyl tablets course! It started first from front four teeth of the lower jaw and now going towards back teeth!

Dr Ankit: It’s a very common problem at your age because at that age the women have either attained the menopause stage or about to attain. Basically, because of this, the calcium level reduces in the bones and gums start receding, you can visit the dentist for a gum treatment which is nowadays done with laser. It is a painless procedure which requires 4 sittings with your gum specialist. You have to take care of it right now because if it spreads to your posterior teeth then you will have to get more teeth removed. I would recommend that you start with the calcium supplements after consulting your physician.

Q - The bite of my jaw is such that my teeth are getting grinded, the jawline has receded and my molars are becoming sensitive. Had to get two of the last one removed.

Dr. Ankit: Removing your teeth should always be your last resort. Your jawline is absolutely fine you are basically grinding your teeth i.e. you are applying excessive force on your dental structure which is leading to wear and tear of your teeth. A very simple solution to this is a nightguard which you have to wear on your teeth surface while you are sleeping or exercise or at work or any other time when you are stressed. This will protect the structure of your teeth.


Q - I have very weak gums, please help.

Dr Ankit: I am assuming at your age weak gums may be because of hormonal imbalance or any genetic factors. You can rectify these by consulting your physician and getting proper teeth and gum treatment by a gum specialist.

Q - Can I use Sensodyne paste?

Dr Ankit: Sir kindly understand that Sensodyne is only meant for reducing sensitivity caused due to wear and tear of your tooth structure that too up to a certain level of wear and tear. It is not meant for cleaning your teeth, it just helps to repair the dentinal tubules openings caused due to wear and tear up to a certain level beyond that it cannot help in any way. For regular use you can use any normal white colour toothpaste, Sensodyne is only meant for sensitivity repair.

Q - Gap between teeth is being increased day by day. What should I do?

Dr Ankit: Gap between teeth can be because of various factors depending on your age. If they are naturally occurring gaps and you are below 30 years of age then orthodontic treatment would be the best option for you. It would be better to know the exact factors and consult your dentist for the same.

Q - I can't eat from one side of the mouth. I feel that there is a cavity that side. So is filling the only solution of the cavity? I have a similar experience of my other tooth, the filling the cavity made it worse... Finally, I had to take that tooth out as it became completely hollow. What is the best solution to a tooth cavity?

Dr Ankit: To be very frank I am assuming that you are having pain from eating from that side which means the extent of the cavity in that side is beyond repair with a filling so you would need a root canal treatment followed by a cap or a bridge. So root canal is the best solution for a tooth cavity.

Q - I am thinking of getting implants for some of my missing teeth. What is the average life of an implant and what are its advantages over a denture? My age is 68.

Dr Ankit: The main requirement from your body for an implant is good bone density and good general health without any medical complications. An implant may stay lifelong if well settled in your bone structure. An implant is any day better than a denture because an implant gives you fixed teeth which is the next best option as compared to your natural teeth in functionality whereas denture will make you feel more uncomfortable while chewing food.

Q - My niece got some flesh in her teeth at the backside. She is 6.

Dr Ankit: It is a very common issue because her permanent molars are erupting, you just need to keep that area clean so that there is no infection or inflammation. That fleshy structure will go away once the tooth has completely emerged from the inside. Please consult a dentist for any other issues that we may have not understood.

Q - Please suggest me ready for following the dental problem Blood from gums Mild pain when I chew hard nuts. I am 60 year old and use Dant Kanti paste for morning brush & salt+mustered oil combination massage of gum in the night before sleep.

Dr Ankit: Primarily, I would recommend you to get your teeth cleaned properly from a dentist and check if that stops the bleeding of gums and pain. If it doesn't then you may require a gum treatment with a gum specialist. For a preventive measure, I would recommend warm water + salt rinse twice a day after brushing your teeth.

Q - I am 60 plus. My lower teeth have reduced too much due to my sleep grinding habits and partially due to repeated grinding by the dentist. Can these be permanently increased?

Dr Ankit: You need to undergo an aggressive treatment if you need to restore the height of the teeth e.g. place crowns on each one of them after a required treatment. But I would recommend this course of treatment only if you are facing any issues like sensitivity or pain. As you mentioned your age is 60+ the best preventive measure/ treatment would be wearing a nightguard to prevent further reduction of your teeth but height can only be increased by placing crowns on those teeth. 

Q - What are the measures to prevent tooth decay and how can be tooth decay cured? Thank you.

Dr Ankit: The measure to prevent tooth decay is good oral hygiene and regular checkups i.e every 6 months. At this age, you need to take better care of your oral health. The treatment of your tooth decay will depend on the extent of the decay if it is a small cavity which is not giving you any pain or sensitivity can be cured by a filling. But if the decay is such that you feel the sensitivity or pain then you might require by a root canal treatment followed by a cap which your dentist can check or recommend.

Q - There are cracks in teeth, what should I do?

Dr Ankit: The only feasible treatment would be placing crowns over your teeth to avoid any further cracks. If the cracks are not deep which your dentists will be able to figure out, you can wear a nightguard to prevent any further cracks. However, if the cracks are deep you would need crowns over those cracked teeth.

Q - Mere daanton se blood kyu aata he? (Why my gums bleed)

Dr Ankit: Your problem is bleeding gums which is mainly caused because of bacterial deposits within your gums which cannot be cleaned by brushing only so I would recommend that you do warm water + salt rinse twice a day after brushing your teeth. if the problem still persists then I would recommend you consult a Gum Specialist for gum treatment. Gum treatment is a procedure where your dentist will clean the surface of your teeth as well as your gums which will help to achieve healthy gum tissues around the surface of your teeth.

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