Sadabahar Silsiley April 2018

Sadabahar Silsiley April 2018

Celebrating April, a Month of Sunshine, Health and Happiness at Seniority All’s well that ends well. But a month that begins on just the right high and that which also ends on a high note, makes for the perfect ending. April turned out to be a month-long affair of celebrated laughs, mental and physical wellness, that helped us in delivering happiness aplenty to our growing community which is now a part of our extended family. We would like more people to experience this joy and do so, vicariously as we take you through a quick recap of the April, that was!

Celebrating April Fool’s Day with Cutting Chai & Comedy at Seniority In association with partner firm Partham, a real estate provider that believes in holistic living, Seniority hosted a Stand-up comedy event at its Experience Zone in Kalyani Nagar to celebrate April Fool’s Day on the 1st of April this year. Gracing the event was none other than Pune’s leading stand-up comedian, fondly termed The Bhari Guy. Sips of cutting chai with winning whips from the comedian made this a memorable afternoon filled with laughter for our community members. This no-restrictions-on-laughter or entry event that turned out to be a full packed house was just the perfect beginning for us to ring in the month of April!


Celebrating World Health Month at Seniority With an April-special Health Talk Series

Seniority believes that to live evergreen, is to live healthy and hearty! As April 7 marked World Health Day, we kick-started a Health Talk series dedicated to the month of April with the idea of promoting a healthy lifestyle amongst senior citizens. The talks, featuring experts in the field of healthcare and doctors alike, focused on offering health tips and advice, exclusive personalized access to health experts along with the additional benefit of allowing engagement with new community members for senior citizens. Dr. Geeta Parwani, MD Homeopathy, who was our guest speaker for the opening session, divulged on the secrets of homeopathy for geriatric health and dispelled common myths associated with homeopathic care. Health tips to increase immunity and body resistance against diseases and effective homeopathic treatments for common ailments in the elderly were key takeaways from the event! Our second session was conducted by a guest speaker for the day, Dr. Sumangala Phulphagar, MD, General Medicine & Consulting Physician who touched upon the topic of preventive care for diabetics and also gave away the Do’s and Don’ts of a Healthy Diet for Seniors. It’s never too late to scrutinize and revamp your daily diets, after all! After a round of two successful sessions, the talk series ran sessions focusing on topics related to the two most important vital organs in our bodies - the heart and the mind. What proceeded next, was an interesting session with Col. (Dr) Chhibber, an Indian Army veteran and a practicing psychologist, that consisted of a revealing account of stories discovering the strengths of positive psychology for self-healing and empowerment. With Col. Chhibber’s first account narration of wartime experiences, this session was extremely thrilling for our audience. The final talk of the series was on the topic of Prevention and Treatment of Knee Arthritis and was delivered by guest speaker, the city’s leading Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Anshu Sachdev. Dr. Anshu spoke to our community members to understand their mobility problems and also explained that nothing is incurable with knee pain. One of Dr. Anshu’s patients, who was present at the event, revealed to our members about the miraculous turn her life took post-surgery, as she was able to climb stairs, walk or move, like before and never experience pain again in her life since then. This successfully concluded our World Health Month talk series, as we were able to present our community members with knowledge from the best experts in the field, thus encouraging them in continuing to maintain a healthy and fit mind, body and soul.

New Partners to Grow With - Partham and Mahindra Bliss! April also turned a rewarding month for us with two new partners on board who’ll help us delight our customers even more. Partham, a real estate provider that endorses the concept of holistic living, is seeking to create an ecosystem specially curated for senior citizens in India. Together, we believe in delivering more smiles through the happy spaces Partham creates in the future.   Also, introducing our other new partner - Mahindra Bliss, which brings the best of Club Mahindra’s holiday homes to choose from, as part of a membership that extends over 10 years. We chose to bring this experience to our senior community, in the effort of helping them mould their dreams and capture rare moments with their special ones!

On the rack This summer we introduced premium grooming products, travel accessories and health supplements to enhance your everyday lifestyles.

Beard Growth Oil - Bombay Shaving Company

Bombay Shaving Company’s Beard Growth Oil is a rich concoction of Vetiver and essential oils such as Coconut oil, Sesame seed oil, Vetiver oil, Jojoba seed oil, Brahmi oil and Amla oil. This signature blend has rich, aromatic notes of Patchouli Vetiver, Musk and Amber that makes this oil a winning combination of aroma and nourishment for healthy beard growth.

Medical Compression Stockings

We introduced Medical Compression Stockings that are made from the finest fibers and breathable synthetic. Manufactured using the latest medical knowledge and state of art textile technology, these stockings help in providing relief in venous insufficiency, mild varicose veins, spider veins, etc. Its extra soft and superior quality microfiber fabric retains shape and compression levels for a long time, despite repeated washes.

Designer Neck Pillow - Star

The Designer Neck Pillow - Star is a perfect home and travel accessory to relax your neck and shoulder muscles while listening to your favourite music. The pillow has inbuilt speakers and pockets for your music device and comes with features such as ergonomic neck contouring, comfortable and soft fabric with micro bead cushioning to provide maximum comfort and support to your head, neck and shoulder.

Herbofit - Ayurvedic Chyawanprash Pills for Immunity and Energy Booster - Dr Vaidyas

HERBOfit, a concentrated extract of 21 active ingredients of Chyawanprash in the form of multivitamin capsules, allows you to enjoy your childhood supplements for a lifetime. Perfect for the modern day health freak, these capsules are convenient and easy to consume to boost health on an everyday basis.

Miracle Teeth Whitener

With the power and goodness of Activated Charcoal, the Miracle Teeth Whitener offers a unique formula consisting of nature’s best purifiers and detoxifiers that whiten your teeth over time. What’s more? It also helps you remove stains caused by coffee, cigarettes or wines with no use of harsh chemicals or bleach. 

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