Age No Bar For Digital Divulgence

Age No Bar For Digital Divulgence

Digital technology has the ability to make anyone’s life simpler and less complex! While the millennial generation and few elder ones have already embraced the internet and digital technology, our senior citizens often feel they are better without it. If you are a golden-ager and are hesitant to be a part of this digital revolution, allow us to help you understand the concept of digital divulgence and its benefits.

How can digital divulgence help you?

Gone are the days when you needed physical presence to get your job done. Imagine a life which doesn’t involve long queues and physical strain. Tempting right? But, these are the benefits you can expect by embracing digital technology.

With the help of digital technology, you can book your own tickets, monitor your health or listen the old forgotten songs by yourself. You can connect with your childhood friends. It presents a beautiful opportunity to connect with your children and grandchildren. You can start your own blog and share your life experiences. These are just few of the advantages of connecting with the digital world. IB158121-158121154818753-SM63394 You can start your own blog and share your life experiences. These are just few of the advantages of connecting with the digital world.

Making your Journey easier with Digital Technology:-

Here are few apps that can help you live your life with complete freedom and also keep you tuned to your health.

1. WebMD

This app would help you understand your health better and help you in preventive healthcare. In this app, you get loads of tips and answers to all your health and lifestyle-related queries. 91V34rR80EL

2. Simple Senior Phone

All the modern phones are touch screen based; the smaller buttons and text size of which can be a little challenging to handle sometimes. The simple user interface of this app makes it easy for you to use the modern smart phones. unnamed

3. Voice Reading App

The world of internet has opened a plethora of options, from where a lot of content to read. However, sometimes it can be puzzling for your eyes. This app can help you with that. You can select the text from a file, and the app would read it aloud. 0_small

4. Skype

Being able to talk, face-to-face even after being miles apart, is nothing less than a blessing and one of the wonders of the information ages. Skype is easy to use, and compatible with both, the mobile phones and the computers. 5. Calorie Counter You need a balanced diet to keep yourself healthy and fit. This app can help you keep in check with your weight and the calories burnt. You can keep a track of the total number of calories burnt in a day, and can plan your diet accordingly. unnamed The importance of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp is so huge in modern life, that it is almost impossible to imagine life without these. Initially, it might feel overwhelming but once you get the hold of these, you’d be amazed how convenient the life can be, with the help of these. Tips and Hacks So, here are few tips and hacks to make yourself familiar with digital devices:-

  1. You can start by understanding the basics required to use an android device. Here are video tutorials on how to use an android device and an Iphone, which can be helpful. Android Users | Apple Users
  2. Be patient, and take it slow. Learning anything new can take some time, and you need time to adapt to the changes.
  3. You can ask for help from your children or grandchildren about how to use a particular device or app. It can be a great fun activity and a great learning experience.

In this video, you can see how beautiful it can be when you overcome your reluctance and fear for the modern digital devices. If you want to try a host of smart devices, from fitness bands to home automation systems and even Smartheat Fitbelt, a smartphone controlled electronic deep heating belt. We have a host of offering at Seniority. Try our suggestions and take the digital age in your stride, its no longer just for the kids! - Team Seniority    

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