9 Useful Tips on Planning A Vacation During or After Covid-19

9 Useful Tips on Planning A Vacation During or After Covid-19

Planning a vacation has become quite a difficult task due to the current coronavirus pandemic. Various restrictions have been imposed on international travel as countries are still trying to contain the spread of Covid-19.

However, during the past few months, people have slowly started planning trips and vacations to different places. Although Covid-19 remains a serious threat, people have adjusted to this “new normal” and are finding unique ways to travel safely during this global crisis.

Since, safety remains the biggest concern among travellers, there are various steps you can take to ensure that you have a nice and peaceful trip. So, here are some important tips that you must keep in mind while planning a vacation during or after Covid-19.

1. Take Note of Travel Restrictions

As mentioned before, various cities and countries have been very strict with their travel policies and are yet to lift their travel restrictions. Some places also have a strict 7-day or 14-day quarantine for tourists or foreign visitors.

So, the first step towards planning a vacation during this Covid-19 pandemic is to take note of the travel restrictions. This will help you to avoid any last-minute hassles and will also allow you to plan your vacation in a much better way.

2. Avoid the Weekend Rush

Gone are the days when planning a weekend getaway was the best vacation idea. During the current crisis, you cannot take the risk of hoping that your favourite tourist spots would be less crowded on weekends.

Instead, a smarter decision would be to plan your vacation during the weekdays. This gives you a better chance at avoiding huge crowds and enjoying a safe and memorable vacation.

3. Choose Your Mode of Travel

Flights, trains and other modes of public transport have now begun to operate at normal capacity. Although this may be a sign of things returning to normal, public transport still poses a “safety concern” and can put you in close proximity of others.

Thus, you need to be very careful in choosing your mode of travel during a vacation. Opting for short road-trips seems to be the safest option now, since you would have more control over your routes and surrounding.

4. Book Your Hotels Wisely

One of the most important tips of planning a trip during Covid-19 is to make sure that your hotel is following the recommended safety protocols. You can also go online to check the ratings and reviews of a hotel in terms of hygiene and cleaning.

Regular sanitization of rooms, contact-free transactions, limited guests and other social distancing policies are some of the most important aspects that you need to check, before booking a hotel room.

5. Look Out for Hotspots

No, we are not talking about the Wi-Fi hotspots. Rather, you need to be on the lookout for locations that have become Covid-19 hotspots i.e. locations that recently have seen a huge number of coronavirus cases.

While planning your travel during this pandemic, you must check whether your preferred destination is a Covid-19 hotspot or not. Moreover, if you opt for a road trip, you must ensure that you do not plan any stops at such Covid-19 hotspots.

6. Understand Your Family’s Risk Status

Studies have shown that children and senior citizens are at a higher risk of falling critically ill due to Covid-19. Thus, it is extremely important that you consult with your doctor and understand everyone’s risk status before planning a vacation.

Since, seniors have been advised to limit outdoor travel, they can choose to stay socially active from the comfort of their home, by engaging in various virtual activities. Speaking of which…

7. Outdoor Activities

While it is much safer for older adults to engage in virtual activities, you can still opt for outdoor activities during your vacation. Private camping and hiking are considered to be the best group or family activities.

Experts also recommend that people should avoid indoor spaces like museums, since they pose a much greater threat of contracting the Covid-19 virus.

8. Don’t Forget the Essentials

Face masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes and digital thermometers are some of the things that you must carry while travelling during Covid-19.

Moreover, don’t forget to carry some extra snacks and drinks to avoid any unnecessary stops along your journey. This way, you can keep yourself safe and can also stay prepared for any emergency.

9. Keep it Simple

Fancy trips and grand celebrations are a thing of the past. The current global crisis has altered our day-to-day lives and things are no different when it comes to planning a vacation.

Instead of choosing a popular destination that may attract large crowds, you can enjoy your vacation in a small town or plan a trip to that nearby hill-station. Keeping it simple will help you to avoid unnecessary contact and will also allow you to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

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