9 Musical Instruments That Seniors Can Easily Learn

9 Musical Instruments That Seniors Can Easily Learn

”Wounds that cannot be touched by medicines, can be healed by music/”

The retirement period is one of the most exciting phases of anyone’s life. Although it is a time where seniors are free from most responsibilities, they also tend to look for opportunities to stay productive.

Many older adults like to pursue different hobbies after retirement. Some of them prefer gardening, some seniors love to cook while others like to learn new things. And one of the best ways for seniors to spend their free time is learning to play new musical instruments.

It is often believed that older adults cannot learn new things, but seniors do have the ability and patience required to master any new skill. Keeping that in mind, we have compiled a list of the best musical instruments that people above 50 can easily learn.

1. The Piano

One of the simplest musical instruments that seniors can easily learn is the classical piano. An instrument that requires practice as well as hand-eye co-ordination is the ideal choice for individuals above the age of 50.

Although it may take a while for seniors to get used to the piano, they can easily make good progress with proper dedication and practice. It is indeed one of the most popular musical instruments among the elderly and is also a fun way to stay active after retirement.

2. Harmonica

This is an instrument that is lightweight and can be easily carried anywhere. Seniors who wish to learn the harmonica need to have a good lung capacity in order to play the instrument with ease.

It is an extremely simple instrument to learn and is the perfect choice for the elderly. Also, it is believed that playing the harmonica regularly can prevent strokes or paralysis among older adults.

3. Ukulele

Another musical instrument that is easy for seniors to learn is the Ukulele. This instrument is comparatively cheaper and is also easy to carry around. Also, the Ukulele is the perfect option for people with smaller hands.

Seniors can enjoy learning the Ukulele as the cheerful sound will instantly uplift their mood. A few weeks of practice will allow the elderly to grasp the concept of the Ukulele and will allow them to play different songs as well.

4. The Guitar

One of the most popular musical instruments that seniors can learn is the Guitar. An instrument that is considered to be the ultimate sign of “calm and cool”, learning to play the Guitar can be the best way for seniors to spend their quality time.

While it takes some time to properly grasp the concept of chords and scales, seniors can eventually play the Guitar with ease and confidence. Moreover, they can choose from a wide variety of options such as electric, classical, acoustic or bass guitar.

5. Tambourine

The Tambourine is a musical instrument that comes in different styles and can be easily played along with any song. Seniors can learn to play the tambourine as it is a fun and effective instrument.

It can produce different sounds and can be learnt over a period of few weeks. Seniors can choose to play a metal or a wooden Tambourine and can even have some relaxing musical sessions with their friends and family.

6. Bongos

This is an instrument that is believed to be quite ancient and is famous all over the world. Bongos are the ideal musical instruments for seniors to learn as they are fun, portable and affordable as well.

Bongos are played with the hands and fingers in a way that the each sound on the drum sounds different. Learning to play the Bongos is an interesting task as it can help improve cognitive health among the elderly.

7. The Recorder

This is one of the simplest and oldest musical instruments. Easy to learn, the Recorder does not require a high lung capacity, which makes it the ideal musical instrument for seniors.

The Recorder is fun to learn and can be used to play different types of songs. Also, once they master the Recorder, seniors can move on to play instruments that require similar finger placement like the saxophone, the clarinet or…

8. The Flute

Although learning to play this instrument may be a difficult task, it can prove to be one of the most helpful breathing exercises for seniors. The Flute is easy to learn and can be used to play different styles of music.

Learning to play the Flute can prove to be an exciting experience for older adults, as it helps them relax and also allows them to work on their concentration levels.

9. Drums

An instrument that may not be as easy to learn as the previous ones, but it is surely one of the best percussion instruments for seniors. Drums require a lot of practice and can take a few months to master. However, playing the drums can give the elderly a great sense of achievement.

Moreover, playing the drums regularly is one of the best ways to combat mental health issues like depression and stress among seniors. They can help keep the brain active and can improve confidence among older adults.

These were some of the best musical instruments that seniors can learn. Music has the power to express feelings that cannot be spoken. Singing, dancing and learning to play various musical instruments can help seniors to stay engaged during their golden years.

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