9 Important Tips for Celebrating New Year Safely During Covid-19

9 Important Tips for Celebrating New Year Safely During Covid-19

2020 is finally coming to an end. Even though most of this year was spent in quarantine due to Covid-19, we did manage to adapt to this sudden change of lifestyle.

The entire year felt like a roller-coaster ride with each month giving us new surprises. While some of them were good, others ended up disrupting our regular life. Hence, the beginning of a new year now feels like a sigh of relief more than anything else.

This is why people are now looking forward to celebrate the end of one year and the start of another. Although the New Year’s Eve celebrations cannot be as crowded as previous years, people are already looking for ways to welcome the new year in a grand manner.

So, even if your plans for New Year’s Eve are not finalized yet, here are some very important tips that you must keep in mind while celebrating New Year during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

1. Avoid Crowds

This tip is probably the most obvious one of them all. However, it still needs to be mentioned as many people continue to ignore social distancing guidelines.

Crowded celebrations are a big “No-No” for anyone planning to organize or attend a party. Whether it is an indoor celebration or an outdoor party, making sure that there are limited number of people is the ideal plan for any New Year’s Eve event.

2. Masks, Sanitizers and Social Distancing

The three most important words of 2020. Also, these are some of the very basic tips that need to be followed during the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Admittedly, a celebration with people wearing face masks does not seem to be the ideal party for anyone. But face masks are the best way to stay safe from Covid-19 along with maintaining social distancing and using hand sanitizers regularly.

3. Checking for Safety Measures

Before finalizing your celebration plans for New Year’s Eve, make sure that the party or event you are attending is following the recommended Covid-19 safety guidelines.

From availability of hand sanitizing stations at the venue to proper body temperature check-ups, these are the basic safety protocols that must be followed by the organizers. Sanitization of washrooms is another important factor that needs to be done by the management.

4. Outdoor Parties Are Safer

Studies suggest that outdoor events are safer during Covid-19 than indoor events. This is mainly due to the fact that indoor parties are likely to have a closed environment with very little chance of social distancing.

Although an outdoor party also has its own risks during Covid-19, it can prove to be a safer experience if proper precautions are taken. It offers increased ventilation and can be an even more enjoyable experience for the people involved.

5. Avoid Unnecessary Travel

Buses, trains and planes have all started functioning on a regular basis. However, with the threat of Covid-19 still looming over our heads, you must not include any kind of unnecessary travel in your plans for New Year’s Eve.

Moreover, this would save you from the risk of being in close proximity of a lot of people. Instead of worrying about travelling during Covid-19 and whether your fellow passenger is taking proper safety measures, you could instead go digital and opt for…

6. Virtual Parties

A trend that has seen a rise in popularity during 2020 is virtual house parties. An event where friends and family meet up over a simple video call and celebrate the joy of staying connected.

Apart from being one of the safest plans for New Year’s Eve, virtual parties also allow you to have fun from the comfort of your living room. Theme-based parties with a lot of exciting games are also a great option for your virtual New Year celebrations.

7. Take Care of Your Own Health

While you need to make sure of the safety protocols before attending any party, you must also take care of your own health in advance. Check for signs of illness or any other Covid-19 related symptoms before planning your celebrations.

It is our own responsibility to avoid putting others at risk during such challenging situations. Since, the Covid-19 virus is quite contagious, taking proper care of our own physical health is one of the most important safety tips this year.

8. Don’t Stay Hungry

Have a good meal before you step out for your New Year’s Eve celebration. This is important, especially for people who consume alcohol, because a filling meal will allow the alcohol to slowly process through your system.

Even for non-alcoholics, a healthy meal would ensure that you feel relaxed and comfortable. This will help you stay calm throughout the event and will also allow you to…

9. Take Care of Your Loved Ones

What better way to celebrate the New Year’s Eve than to have a good time with your near and dear ones. Since, this has been quite a challenging year, spending quality time with your loved ones will give you a sense of joy and calmness.

Planning games, quizzes and other activities will allow everyone to stay involved and can help you end the year on a positive note. (no pun intended)

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