7 Useful Tips on How to Meditate and Stay Relaxed During Covid-19

7 Useful Tips on How to Meditate and Stay Relaxed During Covid-19

The key to happiness is a disciplined mind. This little piece of advice is really important, especially during the current global pandemic. Although Covid-19 has resulted in a major health and economic crisis, there are still other issues that are affecting millions of people right now.

Studies have shown that the global lockdown has led to a significant rise in cases of depression, anxiety and stress. People are finding it difficult to manage their daily routine due to this atmosphere of uncertainty.

While there are different ways to take care of your mental health during Covid-19, the simplest way to do it is by staying relaxed with the help of meditation. So, here are some useful tips on how to meditate at home during Covid-19.

1. Find an Ideal Meditation Spot

Meditation is all about achieving an emotionally clear and stable state. The area that you choose to meditate plays an important part in helping you achieve it.

Since, we all are quarantining at home, you can look for a space that receives the ideal amount of light and has little to no commotion. This will allow you to meditate peacefully without worrying about any external disturbance.

2. Create a Routine

Once you discover an ideal meditation spot, the next thing you can work on is creating a routine for yourself. Having a set routine proves to be very helpful, especially for beginners.

This would help you to meditate regularly and will allow you to stay consistent as well. You can make a note of your daily tasks and try to set aside a particular time for your meditation. Moreover, you can also try…

3. Early Morning Meditation

Experts recommend early morning meditation for people who find it difficult to focus. Also, you can try meditating shortly after waking up in the morning, as it will allow your mind to stay a little more relaxed.

Besides, the goal of meditation is to stay refreshed and to drive away all negative thoughts. So, starting your morning with something as peaceful as meditation, will help set the tone for your day ahead.

4. Guided Meditation

Beginners may find it difficult to meditate on their own, as they are often easily distracted by their surrounding. In that case, you can opt for a Guided Meditation that will allow you to meditate better.

Also, you can participate in Virtual Meditation Sessions during lockdown. During these sessions, experts will guide, help and create the ideal environment for you to meditate peacefully.

5. Use Headphones

Opting for guided meditation sessions is just the first step towards meditating during Covid-19. The next ideal step would be to use good-quality meditation equipment like meditation mats, floor cushions and also high-quality headphones.

Since, there would some or the other kind of external disturbance, using these headphones will help you avoid these distractions and concentrate only on your meditation.

6. Make it a Family Activity

One of the various benefits of meditation is that it allows us to take a break from our hectic routine and reflect on the present. So, when the whole family does this together, it becomes even refreshing for each member.

Taking 5 or 10 mins out of your daily schedule and asking everyone to join in for a meditation session will allow the family to bond emotionally and stay closer to each other. Not only will this activity bring everyone closer together, it will also help them…

7. Accept the Uncertainty

We are indeed living in unpredictable times. Things have changed drastically in the span of a few months which has left everyone shocked and anxious. We find ourselves surrounded by an invisible enemy with no immediate end in sight.

However, worrying too much about this situation will surely not change it. Instead, we can try to make peace with this feeling of uncertainty and accept that things are not always in our control. This is one of the best ways to take care of your mental health during tough times and will also allow you to have a clear mind while meditating.

So, these were some of the best tips on how to stay relaxed with meditation during Covid-19. Regular meditation will keep you refreshed and will also help you to face this situation in a much better way.

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