5 Ways to Maximize Your Health This Season

5 Ways to Maximize Your Health This Season

The beautiful nip in the air brings a whiff of memories of the days gone by, and the hopes for a brand new year. But, the season can also get a bit dry and challenging. So, here are some easy-to-follow tips that will help you keep worries aside and welcome yet another wonderful year, at your healthiest and happiest best.

#Tip 1: Dress smart for winters:

This season, don’t avoid the lovely, crisp winter breeze. Just dress smart and step outside. The key to dressing smartly for winters is to ensure that you are protected with good layers and comfortable clothing that helps you retain the body heat. Choose bright and happy colours for that added style factor.

# Tip 2: Watch out for the temperature:

With every drop in the temperature, make sure you have that much water. You don’t want to add discomfort because of dehydration. Further, people with a condition of heart issues tend to feel colder faster. So, ensure that your home is well insulated and the heater is set at the right temperature if required.

# Tip 3: Take a cautious step:

Our bones tend to become more brittle and delicate in the winter. This can be a problem, only if one tends to slip or fall on the hard surface. So, avoid areas that are uneven or slippery. Though this holds as wise advice in any season it’s better to extra cautious in winters. Further, one must ensure that they bask well in the Sun, and absorb as much Vitamin D as possible. Next, a good way to enjoy cold nights is to have a nice cup of hot cocoa indoors with your loved ones over your favourite movie.

# Tip 4: Maintain a healthy diet:

In this cold weather, keep a keen eye on your nutrition. Ensure that you have a balanced diet complete with vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables. For a healthy lifestyle follow a healthy diet of Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin K, D and C. Ensure that you have a nice handful of greens and fruits. All this will help in controlling the simulated pain and viral cold in winters.

# Tip 5: Stay active, stay fit:

Winter makes us want to snooze a little bit longer. Beat that laziness with a healthy round of morning or evening walks. Stay active during the season to maintain the body’s natural temperature. Further, it helps in driving the sluggishness and winter depression away.

So, bring out the best in you this season and enjoy the goodness and comfort of your friends and family. Wishing you all happy and healthy winters! By Ruchika Agarwal Dsouza

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