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5 Important Reasons to Work after Retirement

5 Important Reasons to Work after Retirement

Retirement dreams always have that cozy home by the lake, long hours in the lap of nature, surrounded by our loved ones, visiting tourist locations, or pursuing that one hobby that always held a special place in our hearts.

We also tend to create a list of things to do after retirement. But it often happens that we run out of things to keep ourselves busy or miss the social connect, and the financial independence that our jobs provide.

A job after retirement is a viable solution for all the above issues. Besides, it can provide us a sense of fulfilment and keep many lonely hours at bay. Apart from the various lifestyle benefits of working after retirement, we should consider the financial and social advantages that can ease post-retirement life.

Let us look at a few good reasons for employment after retirement.


1. Give Back to the Society


We probably can’t be like Shahrukh Khan from the movie Swades - bringing electricity to marginalized villages in India - but we need not look at the scale when it comes to contributing to the society. It’s all about using our skills best, and being willing to add more tricks to the bag. Our efforts can help the next generation too, they may get to learn from our experiences.

Interacting with the less priviledged, joining worthy causes, or simply indulging in work that can help reap something good, can go a long way in giving you the satisfaction of helping. You can cook for an NGO, work as a substitute teacher, a tax consultant, or a driver for an NGO (for those who don’t want to give up driving!).

Remember – it is always small drops that fill an ocean, and each deed may add to the ocean of goodness.


2. Be Socially Active


As we reach retirement age, it is very likely that our friends and family get too involved with their lives. Our children reach an age where fulfilling their career goals become their prime responsibility, meanwhile we tend to lose touch with a lot of our friends from work.

Getting involved in a new job lets us meet new people, work with a team, and can even lead us to finding people with similar goals and interests. Interacting with people is not only a great way to spend our time, but there is also the possibility of learning something interesting, and gaining more experience.


3. Maintain a Healthy, Active Lifestyle


With age, there is a decline in general health, which may hurt our everyday routine. Living a stagnant life further adds to health woes. Most doctors recommend making dietary changes and including light exercises in our daily schedule to keep chronic diseases at bay.

Working after retirement keeps the body moving, reduces our physical dependencies, and also helps us avoid physical ailments. According to a WHO study, regular physical activity of moderate intensity like walking can help improve muscle, bone, and cardiorespiratory fitness. So, think of all the physical activities that are part of working again - commuting to the workplace, moving within the work premises, and other mechanical work. These could be a blessing in disguise.


4. Become Financially Independent


It may seem like a great idea to save enough for our retirement, but it often happens that during the course of our jobs, we face unexpected situations that limit our savings. It is also very likely that we underestimate the money we need post-retirement, which can lead to a shortfall. With rising inflation, uncertainties in the financial markets, or a sudden medical emergency, it is always important that we have a surplus or regular income to cope with such situations.

When we work after retirement, there is a continuous inflow of funds that can help us manage expenses better, and lead the good life we always wanted. When the money keeps coming, we need not cut back on our wishes and desires.


5. Keep Learning and Growing


Age is no barrier to learn something new. Sure, it takes effort and determination, but let these examples be encouraging.

Consider the story of Paul Siromoni, who earned his Ph.D. when he was 90 years old! We can pursue our passions, and slowly convert them into a full-fledged business venture at any age. The founders of Bugworks Research Labs in Bengaluru, for instance, were all above 50 years of age, but their vision and commitment united and propelled them to success.

So - want to pick up the guitar you left to fulfill your career interests, or churn out the lip-smacking recipes that everyone craves, or bring out the inner storyteller in you? There is no shortage of goals to complete and things to do after you retire.

The best thing about doing a job after retirement is that there are no ‘working after retirement rules.’ You can pick one of your hobbies, work part-time, and even polish your work skills.

Just like in the game of cricket, you build upon the foundation that you laid in the first innings of your life before you retire and complete it with the winning stroke of a fulfilled life.

And that’s why retirement is not quitting, but starting the second innings. All the best for yours!

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