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5 Diabetic-Friendly Sweeteners for Seniors

5 Diabetic-Friendly Sweeteners for Seniors


Everyone loves sweets and may not be able to control their cravings all the time but diabetics have it harder than others. The longing for some nice sweets after dinner is made worse by fluctuations in insulin levels, or maybe sometimes you just crave it. 

Before we jump into easy recipes to satiate your sweet tooth minus the guilt pangs, here are three sweetener alternatives to sugar that you should consider. 

3 Sweeteners Diabetics Can Use

Stevia   Stevia is a natural sweetener made from the extract of leaves of the candy leaf plant (Stevia Rebaudiana). It is available in powder form and liquid extracts. You can safely use it in your desserts, cookies, cakes, and all Indian sweets without any impact on your blood sugar levels.

Stevia leaves and powdered form

Monk Fruit  Monk fruit is another good choice for people with diabetes since it’s a natural sweetener that won’t affect your blood sugar. Some people prefer stevia over monk fruit because it has a fruity aftertaste, but that’s a personal preference. It’s a good alternative if you are looking for a natural sweetener but don’t like the taste of stevia. 

Monk fruit and its extract

Kharik Powder (Dried Dates Powder)  Kharik powder can be used as a natural sweetener; a teaspoon of the powder in your milk, porridges, kheer, cookies, and cakes can do wonders. Besides, it is extremely nutritious.

Dried dates

Dates, jaggery, raw honey, fruits like pear, citrus fruits, peaches, berries, apricots, apples, etc. are better than sweets made with sugar. They are healthier any day

5 Quick Sweet Dish Recipes for Diabetics


Khajoor barfi, with nuts Dates, ground to a paste with nuts added in it, can make for a tasty ‘after meal’ sweet to satisfy your cravings.
Sitaphal/Apple/Mango Rabdi Milk boiled down to 1/4th the quantity and then chilled, served with fruits in it, makes for a yummy dessert. A couple of drops of stevia extract will help make it sweeter if like.

Fruits with whipped cream Whip cream, add chopped fruits and stevia or artificial sweetener and dive in - you wouldn’t even miss your heavy desserts. 

Grilled fruits Lightly char grill your pears and peaches and reap the benefits of health combined with natural goodness.
Smoothies Chopped fruits and nuts blended with the goodness of yogurt, make smoothies satiating as well as nutritious

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