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5 Dental Care Tips for the Aging Teeth

5 Dental Care Tips for the Aging Teeth

Pearly whites peeping through curved lips can brighten up a day in an instant – the power of a smile! And dental care has a big role to play in it. What can be done to help keep the teeth in prime condition through all those years of chewing, grinding, and biting?

All those years of hard work wear away the enamel (hard outer layer of your teeth) and flatten the most-used parts of the teeth. This invites further trouble:

  • Darkening and loosening of teeth
  • Gum and tooth decay
  • Widening of gaps between teeth
  • The remedy is proper tooth/gum care, and adequate oral hygiene to help retain oral health and avoid early tooth loss as we age.

    Get back your teeth health with these easy to follow suggestions:

    Gandusha – Ayurvedic oil pulling technique

    This is an ancient 3000-year-old technique which involves the use of oil to clean and detoxify our oral cavity. Swish and swirl one tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth for about 5 minutes. The oil kills germs inside the oral cavity and absorbs toxins from saliva and various glands. It also strengthens teeth and gums, prevents bad breath and diseases such as gingivitis. Not only that, it also helps cure bleeding gums.

    Amla (Gooseberry) mouth rinse

    This fruit, in fresh or dried forms, is known to support the connective tissue in the gums. It helps keep teeth from loosening. Put two green tea bags in one cup of boiling water, let this stand for a while to cool; then add one tablespoon Amla powder. Use this mix as a mouth rinse before bedtime. Refrigerate, and shake well before using again.

    Miswak tooth twigs

    Research shows that compared with a toothbrush, Miswak twigs are more effective in getting rid of streptococcus bacteria and its mutations from the mouth. Chew this stick while simultaneously rubbing it on your teeth and gums.

    Tongue scraping

    Known to have originated in China and later adopted by the Vedics, tongue scraping cleans the surface tissue increasing the effectiveness of the taste buds. This practice is also known to reduce ama (toxins, dead bacteria) in the mouth, keeping the teeth cleaner.

    Rock salt

    Rock salt mixed with lukewarm water makes for an effective mouth and throat rinse, keeping infections at bay. You can also rub powdered rock salt on your teeth for cleaner, whiter teeth.

    How to maintain a healthy mouth as you age?

    Keep yourself hydrated –

    As people age, they may produce less saliva which is important in protecting against cavities and gum disease. Saliva is necessary to not just dissolve food, but to also keep the teeth clean and balance the pH level. Drinking more water and consuming fewer things that involve refined sugars can prevent dry mouth and keep your gums healthy.

    Avoid the use of tobacco –

    Tobacco has a negative impact on your oral health, it increases the risk of mouth and throat cancer while also adding to more tooth decay.

    Regularly use a mouthwash –

    Using an antibacterial mouthwash can reduce the build-up of plaque. A mouthwash with fluoride can re-mineralize the teeth, making them healthy.

    Follow a healthy diet –

    Eating healthy foods like high fibre fruits and vegetables, nuts and olive oil; as well as calcium-rich foods, like low-fat dairy products; and probiotics items such as yogurt can help sustain healthy bacteria in the mouth, thereby preventing cavities.

    Brush twice a day –

    Chose a brush with small head and softer bristles for a gentle and better access. Using a fluoridated toothpaste helps to harden tooth enamel and reduces the risk of tooth decay. Brushing twice a day, especially after meals prevents dental plaque.

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