5 Best Games to Help You Bond Better with Your Family

5 Best Games to Help You Bond Better with Your Family

We’ve all heard the famous line from Hum Saath Saath Hain: “The family that prays together, eats together, stays together.”

On those lines, the family that also plays together, stays happy together! The happiness of seeing your grandchildren win, the chaos of the family that lingers in the room, the laughter, and the sarcastic arguments – all get packed in a fun game night.

So, get your snacks ready and get started with these Games

    • Ludo - A maximum of 4 people can play Ludo, in which each player races his token from start to finish with the roll of a dice. The first player to bring all 4 tokens to the finish line wins! You can even form four teams and enjoy this fun game.

    • Monopoly - An internationally popular board game, Monopoly is fun and strategic. Players buy hotels and motels by collecting rent from their opponents, driving them into bankruptcy - the last player to stay in the game without getting bankrupt wins.

    • Jenga - Jenga involves players removing one block each at a time from a tower of 54 blocks, and placing it on the top of the tower. The player who, while removing a block, causes the tower to fall, loses. The last player to successfully remove and place a block on the tower wins.

    • UNO - UNO is a simple card game that is enjoyed by people of all ages. The first player to finish all his/her cards or get the highest points wins. The kind of cards in the deck, apart from numbered 0-9 cards are DRAW TWO, DRAW FOUR, REVERSE, SKIP and WILD cards. Once you get familiar with these special cards, there’s no way you’re going to lose.

    • Carrom - Carrom is a very popular table-top game in which a striker is used to hit the coins or carom men (small disks of wood or plastic), which are to fall into the four holes in each corner of the carom board. In the end, the player with the highest number of carom men and the queen wins.

Other than these, there are games such as Chinese Checkers, Bingo, Tombola Housie, and Scrabble, to name a few. Setting a “game night” every week or two can bring family and friends together and strengthen bonds. After all, it’s not just about the game; it’s about the quality time spent.

To help you bond better with your family and to enjoy fun game nights, shop from a wide range of Card and Board games at Seniority!

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