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4 Simple Ways to Happy and Healthy Aging

4 Simple Ways to Happy and Healthy Aging

Who do you think has better chances of mental well-being and lesser stress - a septuagenarian or a 30-something young adult? 

Science is now confirming what some of us have may have guessed already – older people have markedly better mental health than youth! Extensive studies in institutes like the UC San Diego Centre for Healthy Aging confirmed this paradoxical trend despite the presence of physical ailments among seniors.


Wealthy are those who are self-aware, who believe that you can change at any age - not just in lifestyle, but mentally and physically as well. Here are a few tips from seniors to achieve just that:


What you eat defines how you feel. A healthy diet that is rich in nutrients does wonders for your daily energy levels. It is directly proportional to how much activity you will undertake during the day. 

“My diet includes banana and milk in the morning, bhakri and sabzi in the afternoon and dates as dessert. At night I have rice and daal and just before sleeping another banana with some milk,” says 75-year old Shashikant. “And I am doing perfectly fine’, he proudly adds.




Only if you can keep your medical conditions under check, will you be able to march ahead towards a ‘healthier you.’ To achieve this goal, it is essential that you take your prescribed medications on time, regularly



The colossal benefits of a workout cannot be stressed enough. Swimming, static cycling, walking, yoga, pilates - or absolutely anything that works for you, is good for you; make sure that you consult your physician before you start on a workout routine. 

Exercise doesn’t just keep your body healthy but is also known to be a brain stimulant. 

“I can’t do without my walks,” “I swim every day even in the winter,” “I can do 60 suryanamaskars and still not get tired” – assert some seniors that we spoke to.



There is so much you can do to keep yourself active and mentally agile, even in the platinum period of your years. From being active on social media (spreading your wisdom) to involving yourself with charity - the world is your playground. And whoever said only youngsters could play? 

“In the dusk of my life, I write. This is what I always wanted to do,” says Malti, who has almost completed her first book. “I have joined singing classes, at the ripe old age of 71 and I am loving it”, discloses Asha. 


Finding what gives you happiness, good health, and peace is a journey each one of us has to experience. These seniors have led the way and seem to have found theirs. How about you? 

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